This is just a reminder that my Leadership book entitled The Seven Things You Should Know About Being a Leader is available at Amazon.

It was my goal to provide an effective, innovative approach to successful leadership that inspires, motivates, and works. I pray that it will energize your motivation to lead, hone your skill as a leader, and challenge you to look at leadership from a fresh perspective. I tried to write it n an easy-to-read style for the beginner as well as the seasoned leader; it is intended to help you achieve your leadership goals while adding value to your organization and avoiding pitfalls. If you are striving to be successful in your career, this book is designed to help you set a course for continued success.

Also, here’s a link to my author page at Amazon.  (Hint: if you search Wes Husted at Amazon, it will drop–down all of the books I’ve written, as well.)  I hope you are blessed by this book in particular.

Please feel free to let me and others know what you think about the book by sharing your review of it on the book page at Amazon.

In Christ,


Back to the Holy Land!

Although, the hour is late, Sherrie and I will be returning to the Holy Land, and we would still love to have you join us!

Out of This World

We are going to be a part of Trinity Southwest University’s annual trip to the Holy lands, Jordan and Israel, at the end of October for two weeks (Oct 29-Nov 11). It’s called the "Bible Lands Expedition", or BLE for short. This particular tour begins in Petra and hits all of the Biblical archaeological sites from one end of Jordan to the other, then over to Israel from Megiddo and Caesarea, to the sea of Galilee, Masada, David’s stronghold, Jerusalem, etc., etc. It’s a great trip.

The school will offer the "early bird" discounted price to anyone who goes with us. The trip normally costs $4,395 per person, plus airfare; but we can offer it for $3,995 per person.

HERE is the itinerary and HERE is a link to the BLE site.

This is an opportunity to join Sherrie and me as we travel with world-renowned Biblical Archaeologist, Dr, Steven Collins—a modern day Indiana Jones. We are even going to hit the dig site at Sodom and stand on Mount Nebo looking out at the Holy Land from the exact spot where Moses did! It’s going to be a fantastic trip, and we would love for you to experience it with us!

In Christ,



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