This is just a reminder that my Leadership book entitled The Seven Things You Should Know About Being a Leader is available at Amazon.

It was my goal to provide an effective, innovative approach to successful leadership that inspires, motivates, and works. I pray that it will energize your motivation to lead, hone your skill as a leader, and challenge you to look at leadership from a fresh perspective. I tried to write it n an easy-to-read style for the beginner as well as the seasoned leader; it is intended to help you achieve your leadership goals while adding value to your organization and avoiding pitfalls. If you are striving to be successful in your career, this book is designed to help you set a course for continued success.

Also, here’s a link to my author page at Amazon.  (Hint: if you search Wes Husted at Amazon, it will drop–down all of the books I’ve written, as well.)  I hope you are blessed by this book in particular.

Please feel free to let me and others know what you think about the book by sharing your review of it on the book page at Amazon.

In Christ,


2017 Bible Land Expedition (BLE) Tour of the Holy Land

Although Sherrie will not be participating in this fall’s Bible Land Expedition Tour (BLE), we wanted to ensure that you were aware of this unique and unparalleled opportunity to explore the land of the Bible, so we we are passing along the following message from Dr. Stephen Collins:


We now have a firm price on the 2017 Bible Land Expedition tour of the Holy Land (Oct 26 through Nov 9; 12 touring days + 3 travel days). We’ve selected the 5-star David Citadel Hotel near the Old City Jaffa Gate as our Jerusalem headquarters. Posh, and an easy stroll to the Old City. BLE will be using the Olive Tree Hotel in Amman (our dig headquarters), and (of course) the Scots Hotel in Tiberias, a marvelous boutique hotel with the best food you will find at any hotel, or restaurant for that matter.

BLE specializes in taking you to authentic biblical sites, and more of them than any other Holy Land tour of the same length. This is not a pilgrim tour. We don’t waste time on so–called ‘holy sites’ that have no basis in reality. We focus on actual, factual locations that take you through both the Old and New Testaments.

If you love biblical history and want to experience the Holy Land through the eyes of an archaeologist and Bible scholar, this is the trip of a lifetime! It’s going to be fabulous! You may have been to the Holy Land on another tour, but BLE guarantees that you’ve never experienced it like this.

The cost (exclusive of airfare) is about the same as last year: $4,295. But we have an early sign-up price of $3,895, the deadline for which is June 1. We take one bus only. Thus, the number of seats is limited. So, don’t wait to make your reservation! If you have any questions about BLE 2017, contact Glenda at 505-332-4253 (505-33-BIBLE).

HERE is the itinerary and HERE is a link to the BLE site.

This is an opportunity to travel with world-renowned Biblical Archaeologist, Dr. Steven Collins—a modern day Indiana Jones.

In Christ,



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