Lesson 10 w/AnswersGenesis 2:18-25

Following our lesson regarding the creation of man, we resume our study starting at Genesis Chapter 2, verse 18, with God’s pronouncement that "it is not good for man to be alone". Thus, this lesson’s study will feature God’s provisioning of a help-mate for man — a partner and co-worker. From our study, we will be able to garner considerable insight regarding man’s purpose and God’s great plan for mankind.


As we saw in our last lesson, man was created with a purpose. He was created to work, and initially, he was created to work in God’s own garden, the Garden of Eden. Clearly this wasn’t a "one man job"; so God provided a helper for him in order that, together, they could accomplish all that God had for them to do.

Read Genesis 2:18-25, and consider the following:

  1. What can men learn from reading Genesis 2:18 regarding their role on earth?
    1. ANSWER: Men can learn that God did not intend for them to be alone, or by themselves, in order to do all that God intended for them to do. God knew when He created man that man would need a helper. Today, that still applies. As men, we aren’t tasked by God to do things alone, nor to operate as though we are an island unto ourselves. Our work and our lives are meant to be shared, and to be lived in community with others.
  2. What was the first step that God took in finding a helper for Adam?
    1. ANSWER: God brought all of "the beasts of the field and the birds of the air" to Adam, who named each one. However, still a suitable helper was not found among them.
  3. Did God know in advance that man’s helper would not be among the "beasts of the field and the birds of the air"; or was He hoping that one of them would be suitable as a helper for Adam? If He did know in advance that this was not the case, then why did He do this (i.e., bring all the birds and animals to Adam)?
    1. ANSWER: God knew in advance man would need a helper, and that the helper would be a woman. There are two theories concerning this matter. One theory postulates that God simply wanted to introduce the animals to man and man to the animals. A second theory states that God wanted to show Adam that none of the animals would fill the need that another human being could fill; and in particular for a man, this human being would be a woman.
  4. In Genesis 2:21, we are told of the first-ever surgery, and we observe that it is performed by God. In verse 22, God creates a woman, and she would be the last thing that God would create before He rested on the Sabbath. What made her unique among all of the creatures that God created? God created animals from the earth, and man from the dust of the earth. How was Eve created?
    1. ANSWER: God created woman by using elements from man himself; in contrast with the animals and man, who were made from the earth. Eve was made from Adam. This connected man to woman, and woman to man, in a very close and unique way.
  5. How would the subject of DNA relate to Genesis 2:23?
    1. ANSWER 1: Eve was truly bone of man’s bones and flesh of his flesh. As such, their DNA would be similar but distinctive; just as the DNA was similar among species of animals, birds and creatures of the sea which were all created to reproduce. Now Adam and Eve would be able to live out God’s command to be fruitful and multiply.
    2. ANSWER 2: It would also be true that Eve would have some of the traits of Adam inherited from his DNA.
    3. ANSWER 3: Some theorize that when man was first created, he would have been a complete being. However, when God subsequently created Eve out of Adam, he divided or took some components from man and put them in Eve. This would make each human being, male and female, distinct but compatible; just as the DNA for the male is different, yet similar, for the female.
  6. Adam was put to sleep (some might say that he actually died for a moment) by God in order to create Eve. God opened the flesh on Adam’s side and used Adam’s rib to create Eve, Adam’s wife. When God was ready with His creation of Eve, He brought her to Adam, as recounted in verse 22. Where else in the Bible do we see this illustrated, that is, death, a pierced side, and the bride created by God, which when ready, was brought to the husband? Read the scripture verses and passages below, and note the parallels.
    1. Revelation 13:8
      1. ANSWER: The "Lamb", Christ, was slain before the foundation of the world for us.
    2. John 19:34-36
      1. ANSWER: Jesus’ side was pierced, but no bones were broken; and from his sacrifice, the Church, his bride, was established.
    3. 2 Corinthians 11:2
      1. ANSWER: We as the church, the followers of Christ, are to be presented as a virgin bride to one husband, Christ.
    4. Ephesians 5:30
      1. ANSWER: We are members of his body.
    5. Ephesians 4:11-16
      1. ANSWER: God is today building up, "creating" if you will, the body that will become the Bride of Christ.
    6. Revelation 19:6-7
      1. ANSWER: A time is coming when the Bride will be ready to be presented to Christ, the Lamb of God.
  7. Genesis 2:23, the classic verse used at weddings, is recited by Adam for the first time. From this verse and the one that follows (verse 24), one could infer that man and woman were created to marry, and that they were created to marry once for life. What does Christ say about this in relation to God’s plan? I.e., was this God’s original plan: one man, one woman, and marriage once for life? (see Matthew 19:8)
    1. ANSWER: Yes, clearly, as Christ’s reinforces this in Matthew; marriage between a man and a woman once for life was, and is, God’s intended plan for man and woman.
  8. Sin entered the world shortly after God created Adam and Eve; and Henry Morris points out in his book, The Genesis Record, that God "seemed to sanction (or at least to allow) polygamy at times (e.g., Abraham, Jacob, David) and to bless the work of some who practiced it. Similarly, the Mosaic law allowed divorce..." Did God ever actually command divorce? (see Ezra 10:11)
    1. ANSWER: Yes, He commanded this after the Hebrews they had taken foreign wives, which he had expressly told them not to do.
  9. Having seen God’s creation of Eve and understanding his plan for a man and a woman, what could we then say is depicted in Ephesians 5:22-33?
    1. ANSWER: Ephesians 5:22-33 is the plan for how a marriage is to work from God’s point of view. This is the Christian model of what it means to be a husband and a wife.

So, we close our study with Adam and his new wife Eve in the Garden of Eden, with their whole lives ahead of them; without shame, without sorrow, living in a perfect world. In our next lesson, we will see what happens to that perfect world when sin enters in.

Thanks for studying with us.

In Christ,



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