Update from Wes

The week of July 25, 2021 marked a significant milestone in my walk with Christ and I wanted to share the big news with you!


As many of you know I have had a desire to study God’s Word from a very early age, and I cannot imagine a day when I am not doing that. Therefore, I am excited to announce that on Thursday, July 29th, 2021, I completed nine years of study and received my PhD in Archaeology and Biblical History from Trinity Southwest University.

It was a great journey, and I was helped by so many people that God placed alongside me. It, as one of them remarked, is "only the beginning, not the end," of getting to know God, His only son Jesus, His Holy Word, and the world that surrounds it. It was a joy, a struggle, and a journey that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss for anything.

I am praising Him today as I stand in awe of what He has done in my life; and I encourage you to keep studying with me, as we have only just begun!

Celebrating In His Holy Name,



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