Christian Doctrine

Below are some materials that I have included to assist in the study of Christian doctrine, which refers to some of the basic tenets of Christian beliefs and thought. I pray that God uses these to reinforce your Christian belief system and your ability to "defend the gospel".

Topics as wide-ranging as angels, apologetics, and assurance of salvation are included here.


- A scriptural look at the world of angels -- and their fallen counterparts, demons.

- A quick look at the evidence for Christ.
    Apologetics - Answers

Apologetics - Questions Every Christian Should Know the Answer To
- Questions that Christians need the answers to, if they are to be equipped to minister to a lost and dying world
    Apologetics - Questions Every Christian Should Know the Answer To - Answers

Challenging Questions People Ask
- Questions that many Christians struggle with in their relationship with God and in their daily walk.

- A discussion exploring how God’s grace transcends rational human logic, and saves us from the justice that we would deserve if we remained unredeemed.

"Heaven", a book by Randy Alcorn
- A series of lessons on Heaven, organized around the content of this insightful and biblically-based book.

Living the Christian Life
- A series of lessons focused on the twelve Chritian disciplines identified by Richard Foster in his book "Celebration of Discipline".

(The) Messiahship of Jesus
- "How do we know that Jesus really is the Messiah?"
    (The) Messiahship of Jesus - Answers

Security of the Believer
- A lesson that tackles the question “Can I lose my salvation?” head-on.
    "Security of the Believer" letter to my sister.
    Security of the Believer - Answers

"Who is Jesus Anyway?"
- A series of lessons examining the evidence that proves that Jesus is the true Messiah, and the ONLY way to be saved.
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