Christian Doctrine


God’s great grace and love are beyond our comprehension, and that lack of understanding can cause us to miss out on leading the life Christ has set before us.


As an illustration of this, let’s examine the well-known story of Lot and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot was a man who had allowed the ways of the world to compromise his walk with God. Gradually, over twenty–plus years, we see Lot the shepherd transition into Lot the man of influence. Day by day, sitting in the gates of Sodom, surrounded by a corrupt lifestyle—one so evil that God sends complete and total destruction on the city of Sodom and, in fact, the entire Kikar of the Jordan.

When judgment does come, God sends his two messengers in advance to warn Lot and to get Lot and his family out of the path of the destruction. Amazing! Have you ever really thought about this aspect of the story? Look deeply into God’s amazing grace through Genesis Chapter 19, and several new insights will surface.

Consider for a moment:

  1. God didn’t send any messengers to warn Sodom, Gomorrah, or any of the cities of the Kikar of the coming judgment and destruction—but he did for Lot and his family. God is a saving God, a God of redemption and restoration who loves those who call on Him.
  2. Neither God nor His messengers confronted Lot or his family with their sin and shortcomings. When God comes to rescue us, He knows we need it, that we’ve wandered, sinned, and strayed. That’s why He’s there—to rescue us from ourselves.
  3. Look at Lot’s reaction: he realizes that the angels are messengers of God and runs to tell his sons–in–law. But then look further, in Chapter 19, Verse 16. What does Lot do when the angels tell him to get his family out of the city? He can’t shake his love for the carnal world of Sodom and his place in it. He doesn’t want to leave; he "hesitates". Even though he knows that judgment is coming, even though he knows that the messengers standing before him are angels of God, he hesitates. But look what happens next:
  4. In spite of all that Lot had done, or not done, God had sent His messengers to save Lot and his family. And here’s the really amazing part: even when Lot resisted—or "hesitated"—because he didn’t want to leave, God rescued him anyway!

What an amazing God we serve! He loves us so much that He rescues us even when we don’t know we need it—and sometimes are not sure we want Him to. Though we are blinded by the sin in our lives, God sees through it and restores us. He truly is the God of second chances.

Are you living the life that Christ has planned for you, or are you still "hesitating" to leave the life of sin that you are leading now? Cry out today that God will rescue you through His son Jesus, and He will—in spite of who you are, where you are, or what you have been doing. Jesus is waiting; you can’t live a life that is truly free without him.

In Christ,


May 7, 2014

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