Dad’s Poetry


This site is dedicated to honoring my dad, Don Husted Sr., who is celebrating his 90th birthday in July of this year (2009).

An active Christian since early childhood, my dad has many gifts, one of which is rhyming. Resulting from a game his mother, my grandmother, would play with him as a child, they would often spend the entire day talking only in rhyme.

Over the years my dad has used this gift as a witness and, combined with his great sense of humor, he has created many endearing poems.

With the help of my dad and my eight brothers and sisters we have collected many of dad’s poems and other literary miscellany, and have posted them here for everyone to enjoy.

Dad’s prayer, and mine, is that Christ be glorified in all that we do. So may these poems inspire you to faithfully follow Christ as your Lord and Savior!

A special thanks to my dad for allowing us to share these with you.

Yours in Christ,



Introduction: Why I Rhyme
- I learned quite a few things, hangin’ on mom’s apron strings!
Angels - Part 1
- Not all angels reside in heaven; some are here on earth
Angels - Part 2
- A poem about a couple of angels serving in our church
Biloxi - 2006
- In God’s family, it’s easy to make friends
Birthday Wishes
- A little something to keep you out of the rough
Born Again
- I am a living miracle
Confessions of a Winner
- God’s touch trumps talent every time!
"Don’t Quit" (redux)
- A new twist on an old classic
- Not all name-calling is bad
- We reap what we sow
Grand Dad, A
- Some dreams really do come true!
Greetings from Frog Hollow
- A little something from our lily pad to yours
Happiness is Spelled D-O-R-O-T-H-Y
- A tribute to the most wonderful woman on the face of the earth
He’s Livin’ in Me
- "You ask me how I know he lives? He lives within my heart!"
High Seas
- You will never find a better helmsman than God
How is Your Faith?
- Think you’ve got it tough? Check out some of these guys
If You Wanna Be a Writer...
- Just do it!
I Saw It Happen
- I was there!
- The bulb in God’s lighthouse never goes out
Love is Spelled WesDonJudRussRonBernMelBarbJeff
- A poem about nine of God’s most special creations
Love: What Is It?
- It might not be what you think
Mary Had a Little...Goat?
- Here’s a new spin on an old favorite
Miss Lucky
- Are you "reeling in the years"?
New Creature
- No matter how good your family is, they can’t get you to heaven
Pastor Ray Spears
- A shout-out to one of God’s faithful shepherds
Reason for the Season, The
- Sometimes it’s real easy to forget what it is
Seasoned Citizen
- A poem about my most favorite age
"Send Him"
- Two words that we should avoid using when God calls us to do His work
- The light that never fades
Stand Firm
- A call to arms for God’s soldiers
Thanks for the Memory
- A poem in remembrance of the One who saved me


Answer Me This...
- "You’ve got questions?" We’ve got even more questions...
Bible History
- A few well-known facts about the Bible -- and a few little-known ones as well...
Big Bucks
- Have I got a deal for you!
Brief AUTObiography, A
- You think that you know your cars? Here YUGO!
Cast for Play
- Sometimes actors don’t always pick the best stage names...
- My first golf lesson
Fourth Marriage
- If at first you don’t succeed...
Jesus Came Down to Save Your Soul
- God sent his son Jesus to be our lifeboat
- There’s nothing corny about these jokes . . . trust me
- Fellowship among believers
Mary Rose
- This one is short and to the point
Potato Love Story, A
- "You want fries with that?"
- Begin with the end in mind
Story with a Lot of Spice, A
- A lot of savory details in this one
- We’ve got some work to do
We’ve Got to be Spreadin’ God’s Word
- Sung to the tune of "You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille"
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