Below are some lesson materials related to Christmas, but not only as we traditionally view it. I have expanded the scope a little bit by including a short series of lessons entitled "Christ Before the Manger".


- A mini-series of lessons exploring events leading up to the birth of Christ.

Christmas 2009
- A Christmas lesson which highlights some of the "colorful" genealogy of Jesus, and looks at Christmas in the context of society today; and, in particular, the difficult global economic environment existing in late 2009.
    Christmas 2009 w/Answers

Christmas: Facts vs. Traditions
- A Christmas lesson thath examines a few of our Christmas traditions and (mis)conceptions, as contrasted with Biblical and other facts.
    Christmas: Facts vs. Traditions w/Answers

Christmas I.Q. Quiz
- A Christmas quiz that tests your Biblical knowledge concerning the birth of Christ. You may find that repeated viewings of dramatic portrayals have blurred the lines between truth and fiction.
    Christmas I.Q. Quiz w/Answers

Christ Before the Manger
- A mini-series of lessons exploring Christ’s eternal presence with God and the Holy Spirit.

Keeping Christ First
- A Christmas lesson focused on helping us to remember the real "reason for the season".
    Keeping Christ First - Answers
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