My Testimony


I was raised in a Christian home and influenced very early in life by my grandmother Rachel Keithley who came to live with us when I was four. I can still remember one of the things she taught me was the story of Christís birth from the book of Luke. My parents both played musical instruments, mother the piano and organ and my dad the drums and trumpet and I grew up surrounded by church music, Bible teaching, summer tent revivals, and regular attendance at Sunday School and Church.

One night when I was about 12 years old at an evening Revival I accepted Christ as my personal savior and was baptized a few weeks later. It was clearly a life changing event for me, one that actually resulted in a lot of rebellion on my part and I would spend the next eighteen years doing just about everything a Christian isnít to do. I knew better and I was out to prove it.

Finally in February of 1977 I walked down the aisle of a very small church in Duluth Minnesota and surrendered the Lordship of my life to Christ. Worn down and completely at a loss for any real sense of direction and purpose in my life I finally let Christ have control. Over the next thirty years He has proven faithful every step of the way eventually leading me to seminary in 1993 where I graduated two years later with the equivalent of a Masters in Theology. Along the way I earned a BSBA in Business and an MBA and Iíve had two very successful careers, one in the military where I served in the US Air Force for twenty years and my current career in accounting and finance where today Iím the Chief Financial Officer of an exciting and very fast growing company supporting our Nationís national security mission.

I learned early in 1978 that I had a gift for teaching the Bible, for being a family Deacon and as a church leader where I served in a variety of capacities. The one central theme thatís run through my entire life is a desire to know and better understand God, His Holy Word the Bible, and His plan and purpose for my life. As Iíve struggled with these Iíve also discovered that millions of others struggle as well. This knowledge has driven me to teach Godís word in a way thatís relevant to today by understanding its relevance when it was written.

God wants every person on this earth to know Him, and to know all about Him. As Christians we arenít part of a ďsecretĒ religion. As Paul wrote nothingís done in a closet. You can know the truth about God and His Son Jesus, and you can know Godís purpose for your life, if you seek him out with all your heart and soul. My prayer is that somehow through this website He will help you in that search.

May God bless you as you seek to know and to grow in His righteousness.

Yours in Christ,