Angels and Demons: Debunking the Myths


I entitled this study "Angels and Demons – Debunking the Myths" as a way of clearly stating the goal of this study. During this 11-lesson study, we will be separating fact from fiction and gaining a clearer understanding of the spirit world, so that we can better recognize both our spiritual enemies as well as our spiritual helpers.

We live in a material world as physical creatures created by God in his image, and yet we also live in a world engulfed in spiritual beings and forces beyond our comprehension. The fact that we physically cannot see them doesn’t make them any less real, just as we know that electricity and radio waves are all around us even though we can’t see them.

Understanding the complete creation that God has placed us within provides us with an even stronger faith. 1 John 4:4 tells us "...the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world".[NIV] In this study, we’ll come to know more about this one "who is in the world", what that "world" looks like, and the role that the Holy Spirit has in keeping us protected from him.

Christ told the Jews in John 8:22-24 that he was not "of this world", and he related to them that they were "from below; I am from above" and that they were "of this world". Our study will look at both the world that Christ is not a part of, and all that Christ is doing to save the lost from this world through the Holy Spirit and legions upon legions of angels.

Our study will have us reading more scripture than usual for a single study, but we need to rely solely on the Bible for this study, as it will provide us a benchmark that separates light from darkness and the truth from lies.

My studies in Systematic Theology have proved useful in this area of Theology, and I consult often with my seminary reference materials, including Lewis Sperry Chafer’s 8-volume tome entitled Systematic Theology. Chafer also authored a book simply entitled Satan, which also addresses and augments some of the concepts that we are covering in our study. If you would like to read the free eBook version of this text, you can access it here.

Finally, this study is accompanied by video lessons, the lessons as I taught them at Southview. They are not professionally made, but you may find that they provide a deeper level of teaching and discussion. The MPEG-4 versions are relatively large files, over 150 MBytes in size; so they take a little while to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection. To facilitate your use, I am providing them as YouTube videos.


Lesson 1
True/False Test
    Lesson 1 Answers

Lesson 2
Angels: God’s Messengers
    Lesson 2 Answers

Lesson 3
Satan and the Demons
    Lesson 3 Answers

Lesson 4
Holy Angels: Part 1
    Lesson 4 Answers

Lesson 5
Holy Angels: Part 2
    Lesson 5 Answers

Lesson 6
Satanology: Part 1
    Lesson 6 Answers

Lesson 7
Satanology: Part 2
    Lesson 7 Answers

Lesson 8
Satanology: Part 3
    Lesson 8 Answers

Lesson 9
Satanology: Part 4
    Lesson 9 Answers

Lesson 10
Demonology: Part 1
    Lesson 10 Answers

Lesson 11
Demonology: Part 2
    Lesson 11 Answers

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