Angels and Demons: Debunking the Myths

Lesson 1True/False Test

Angel Demon

As a first step in separating fact from fiction, let’s test our supernatural IQ with a True/False test. Don’t use any reference material, not even the Bible. Just consider what you believe you know to be the truth and answer accordingly.

I know from many years of teaching—both at the university level, and even as an instructor in the military—that you can always make a True/False test difficult and tricky. That is not my intention here. What you will see listed below are common understandings about the unseen spirit world. Put an answer beside each one. Once you have completed this, check yourself against the answers to see how well you know angels and demons.

My prayer is that this approach will open your eyes to what lies ahead and how big the chasm is between the truth and the lies that the present world so easily accepts as fact.

Ready to take the test? Go!

  1. Jesus created all of the angels before he created man. True or false?
  2. There are an infinite number of good and bad angels/demons. True or false?
  3. Each of us is assigned a guardian angel the moment we accept Christ as our Savior. True or false?
  4. When we die and go to heaven we will become angels as well. True or false?
  5. Angels are God’s musicians; they play harps and other musical instruments around God’s throne. True or false?
  6. Although they are spirits, when they take human form, angels are female in gender, with long blonde or golden hair. They each have a halo signifying their holy sanctification, along with two wings located at their shoulder blades which are long enough to reach their feet. With these wings, they are able to fly at great speeds. True or false?
  7. Angels and demons are able to instantly go from the material world to the spirit world, one moment being in God’s presence and the next moment accomplishing something on earth. True or false?
  8. Satan lives in heaven and talks with God. True or false?
  9. There actually is an "Angel of Death". True or false?
  10. We will judge the angels. True or false?
  11. Angels will take part in judgment, along with God and Christ. True or false?
  12. When we die as Christians angels take us to heaven. True or false?
  13. Angels are always coming and going from heaven to earth, and back again. True or false?
  14. Angels are all around us, often in human form. True or false?
  15. Satan was the chief angel, and he was, and is, the most intelligent and the best-looking of the angels. True or false?
  16. Satan actually has the power to cause you to sin, God keeps us protected from that power. True or false?
  17. When we die, we will be like the angels and God, in that we will know and see everything; which is something that we cannot do now, but angels and God can. True or false?
  18. Satan is in command of all the demons. True or false?
  19. Demons can talk to the dead. True or false?
  20. Demon possession is real and not just a movie idea. True or false?
  21. Satan has the power and ability to do miracles, but God only allows him to do so under certain circumstances. True or false?
  22. Satan knows Christ personally. True or false?
  23. Angels and demons have shape, form, a spiritual body that one can see with the right vision. True or false?
  24. Hell is a very large place, a furnace if you will; and Satan’s job is to keep that furnace burning while enticing you to follow him. True or false?
  25. Satan is omnipresent, i.e., he has the ability to be everywhere, or anywhere, that he wants to be at all times. True or false?
  26. God created Satan. True or false?
  27. Babies who die and the unborn who die before birth are the baby angels surrounding God’s throne. They are the joy of heaven. True or false?
  28. God is present in Hell. True or false?
  29. There is a plan of salvation for the angels; fallen angels can be saved. True or false?
  30. God’s original intention was that Man be as the angels are, but knowing in advance that man would sin caused God to create man in human form first as punishment. True or false?
  31. The angels were created before anything on earth was created. True or false?
  32. God created Satan knowing he would sin. True or false?
  33. The fallen angels—called demons in the Bible— know Jesus, and they know that he is the Son of God. True or false?
  34. Early in creation, Genesis Chapter 6 and Jude Chapter 1 both report that angels of God went astray, married and had sex with women, i.e., "the daughters of humans". True or false?
  35. Demon possession of human beings ended shortly after Christ’s ascension to heaven. True or false?
  36. Satan knows scripture well and will use it as necessary. True or false?
  37. Satan can make himself to look like a good angel. True or false?

In our next lesson, we will begin our study in earnest with a multi-lesson look at the angels of God. We will follow that with an in-depth look at Satan, including an examination of something theologians call "The Moral Problem of Evil"—the questions surrounding why, or how, a righteous, loving, all-knowing God could create Satan, knowing the evil it would bring. Following that, the last lessons in the study will encompass a look into the world of demons.

Thanks for studying with us!

In Christ,



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