Bible Study

Below are some lessons that I have developed specifically related to studying the Bible.

I have included, or will eventually include, lesson topics related to better understanding the Bible, as well as encompassing Old and New Testament surveys.

During any discussion of Bible Study, the subject of which translation to use comes up. There are pluses and minuses associated with every translation. Some are harder to understand, but perhaps more accurate; some provide better English translation of the Hebrew Old Testament, while others are more accurate with respect to Greek New Testament translation. A couple of my favorites are the "New International Verion (NIV)" and the "New American Standard Version (NASB)"

i would encourage you to read different passages in both the Old and New Testaments and compare these passages among several various "mainstream" translations to find one that you are comfortable with. There are several online Bible web sites that will enable you to accomplish this efficiently. As an example, see Bible Gateway’s web site. Bible Gateway not only provides over 20 different English translations, it provides multiple translations in over 40 different languages as well. What an incredible tool for bringing God’s Word to all nations!


Bible as a Library, The
- An organized grouping of the books of the Bible

Bible, Understanding the
- A lesson that will hopefully assisting understanding the Bible and various approaches to studyimg it.

Canon of the Bible, The
- A discussion regarding how God’s Holy Word came into being and the role played by the Apostles.

Chronology of the Bible, The
- This lesson examines the order of events in the Old Testament leading up to the birth of Christ. Having a sound knowledge of these events, and the order in which they occurred, provides a solid foundation for our overall understanding of the Bible and God's eternal plan for mankind.
    Chronology Answers

Old Testament Survey
- A series of lessons examining the Old Testament in its entirety, albeit at a very high level.

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