Advent Candles

In this mini-series of lessons, we will be looking at Advent, the period of time immediately prior to Christ’s birth. Exploring verses from Matthew’s and Luke’s Gospels, we will begin with the angelic announcement of John the Baptist’s birth and the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary. We will continue with Mary and Joseph traveling to Nazareth, the birth of Jesus, and the visitation of the shepherds and the Wise Men. We will conclude our study with the Gospel story and a forward look toward Christ’s Second Coming

We will be using a publication from Rose Publishing entitled The Christmas Story by Loren D. Bishop to guide our study. You can also obtain a copy from

Divided into four lessons, we will examine four different aspects of the coming birth: HOPE, PEACE, JOY and LOVE.


Lesson 1
The Advent of Hope
    Lesson 1 Answers
Lesson 2
The Advent of Peace
    Lesson 2 Answers
Lesson 3
The Advent of Joy
    Lesson 3 Answers
Lesson 4
The Advent of Love
    Lesson 4 Answers
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