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LessonApologetics - Questions Every Christian Should Know the Answer To


In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, I received a variety of questions from folks; and I thought that it might be helpful to others to pass along some answers that we should all have right now as we witness to those around us who have been so dramatically affected by these horrific events.

You may want to attempt to address the questions below before consulting the answers. I hope you find these both helpful and reassuring.

  1. How can we as Christians say we have an exclusive way to heaven? Surely Gandhi and the followers of Hindu, Buddha, and the teachings of Muhammad – Islam, all worship the same God; and all seek peace, joy and love. How can Christians say they are the only ones who know the truth?
  2. When the Angel of The Lord spoke to Hagar, this was the root of the Muslim religion. If this is the case, when Muslims pray to Allah, are they in reality praying to the one true living God?
  3. The Angel of the Lord said in Genesis 16:12 that Ishmael would live in hostility. Does this indicate that the Muslims will be the army of Satan in the end times?
  4. What defines someone as being a “Christian”, as being “born again”?
  5. Is it possible to be a Christian without being “born again”?
  6. Must being saved happen at a specific moment or can it be gradual?
  7. When someone asks why you’re a Christian, and why they should believe as well, what should your response be?
  8. Isn’t it unfair that millions died before anyone could tell them about Christ or God? Consider the African or Amazon tribes in jungles and people living in really remote places. How can they not go to heaven when they didn’t have a chance to learn about God?
  9. Are the events of September 11, 2001 a precursor to the end of the world? They appear to fit some predictions by Nostradamus that looks like it foretells the destruction of New York.
  10. When we get to heaven, will we recognize one another?

May God bless and comfort you in these days and in the days ahead as we struggle to understand and to minister to a lost and dying world.

Yours in Christ,


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