1 John

Lesson 21 John 2:1-14


This week, we continue our study of 1 John by exploring the second chapter.

We will be considering the Christian "walk" and what it means to "walk as Jesus did".

Please read 1 John 2:1-14, and then consider the following:

  1. In verse one, what does John mean when he says that Christ speaks to the Father in our defense? Does he mean that Christ tries to defend the reasons why we committed a particular sin each time he defends us?
  2. In verse two, John tells us that Jesus is the atoning sacrifice "for the sins of the whole world", and in the Gospel of John (1:29), Jesus is called the "Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world". Does this mean that the whole world is already saved, since he died once for all?
  3. Read verses three through six. What does it mean to walk as Christ walked? How did Christ walk? (For some help, see John 15:1-8 and Matt 3:17, 7:16, 9:36, 12:18, and 17:5.) List at least three things that you learned about how to walk as Christ walked, from these passages:

Read 1 John 2:7-14 and answer the following:

  1. What is John telling us in verses 9 through 11 about true Christians and our walk with Christ?
  2. In verses 12 through 14, which three spiritual age groups are mentioned?
  3. What is the main characteristic of each group? Can you see a natural progression from child to father as we grow in Christ? List below the trait or traits you see John referring to for each level of spiritual growth.

Bonus Question:

  1. By considering these first fourteen verses from Chapter 2, and all of Chapter 1, can you describe the type of false teaching in the church at Ephesus that John is trying to address? Can you give some examples of similar false teaching occurring today within the organized church?

Have a great week everyone.

Yours in Christ,


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