1 John

Lesson 5 - Love is Righteousness in Action1 John 3:13-24


This week as we continue our study of 1st John, we will look at love and what true love is in God's terms. For this reason, I titled this lesson "Love is Righteousness in Action".

May God bless you as you continue with us in this study.

Please read 1 John 3:13-24, and then consider the following:

  1. After reading verses 13-24, what does John tell us about how we are to "love"? (3:18)
  2. How did Christ love us? (3:16)
  3. Read James 1:22-25. What is James telling us about being Christians? Specifically what does he say about hearing the word of God?
  4. If love means doing something, then what are we specifically to "do" in order to love as Christ loved us? Read Matthew 6:43-48 and Matthew 7:12-27. List each thing Christ tells us to do as his followers.
  5. In light of what we've just studied in the verses above, what is John talking to us about in 1 John 3:17? What is his point in this verse?
  6. What is the greatest commandment, and what is the second greatest commandment? (Matthew 22:34-40) Why?
  7. What are some examples you can find in the Bible of love in action?
  8. Righteous love - the kind of love God has for us - requires us to do many things, some of which we may not naturally want to do. Read the following and list the things done in love that are common in all three stories. Genesis Chapters 33 and 45, and Numbers Chapter 12.

Have a great week everyone.

Yours in Christ,


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