Lesson 6: The Preexistent Christ - Part 1Hebrews 10:5-7

This week’s study is so exciting that I can’t wait to get this written and out to each of you. It is one of those lessons I pray everyone will take the time to read the scripture references and, as you will see, there are a ton of them. Following on our study these past few weeks of worship and service I want to key our study this week, and next, off Hebrews 10:5-7, which looks at Christ before the manager. (For additional information on this subject, please see the 3-lesson study entitled Christ Before the Manger.)

I think that one of the things that meant the most to me as a young Christian was discovering fundamental truths about my faith and Jesus that most other Christians already knew. This week, I would like to lead you on a study of one of those fundamental truths, a look at the question: Did Christ exist before his birth in Bethlehem, and can we prove it?


From this study, we will discover even more reasons why we should worship Him as our Savior and celebrate His great love for us. You see, he knew us before we were created and chose to come down from heaven to die as God’s sacrifice for us so that we can spend an eternity with Him. I pray that the Holy Spirit will open your eyes this week to new truths and a greater love for Jesus, as we study more about Him in the coming weeks.

For now, let’s consider the question: Did Christ exist before his birth at Bethlehem, if so how do I know it; and finally, why is it important for me to know it?

Two fundamental observations can be made about Christ in the Old Testament (or "the scrolls", or "scripture", depending on your translation). One is that his arrival was mentioned in a great deal of prophecy. The second is that he existed and was quite active from before the creation and throughout the Old Testament period. We will explore Christ’s role in creation and look at the evidence in both Old and New Testaments that points to his existence before the manager at Bethlehem.

As you will see from the questions below, there are a large number of scripture references this week. Please take the time to look at and study each of them. Through these verses, you will come to understand and know Christ more intimately, and to more fully understand His central role in all of God’s creation and the Church.

  1. Reads Hebrews 10:5-7. What can we infer about Christ from these verses?
  2. In terms of Creation, look up the following scripture verses and briefly note what they tell you about Christ’s preexistence and his role in the creation process:
    1. Eph 3:9, Rev 4:11, and Rev 10:5-7
    2. Gen 1:1-2, John 1:1-4, John 1:14 and John 10:30
    3. Gen 1:26, Gen 3:22 and Gen 11:7
    4. Col 1:15-17, Isa 48:12-13, Isa 48:16, and Rev 1:17
  3. In terms of his preexistence, look up the following scripture verses and briefly note what evidence they offer that Christ existed before his birth. In other words, how can we tell from these verses that Christ actually was a being before his physical birth?
    1. John 3:13
    2. John 6:33
    3. John 6:38
    4. John 6:46
    5. John 6:51
    6. John 6:62
    7. John 8:23
    8. John 8:42
    9. John 8:52-58
    10. John 16:27-28

As we can see, the evidence is overwhelming that Christ not only existed before the manager at Bethlehem; but that he was in fact the central figure in the creation of all that was created, including us; and that he chose to take on a fleshly form so that he could offer himself as our sacrifice. It is startling to consider that, before anything was created, Christ elected to take on flesh and bones for all eternity so that he could come and be God’s sacrifice for us. What a marvelous savior we have that he would create us, provide for us, sacrifice himself for us and prepare a new heaven and new earth for us so that we may spend an eternity with him! How great is that?!

As the old hymn says, "Face to face when I see Jesus, face to face; how will it be when in rapture I behold him, Jesus Christ who died for me?" Is there any better reason to worship our Lord and savior?

May His Holy presence richly bless you this week as you study this exciting scripture with us.

Yours in Christ,