Lesson 5 w/AnswersMatthew Chapters 8-10

In our last lesson, we looked at the second half of the Sermon on the Mount, Christ’s first real teaching to a large group. We observed the importance that Jesus placed on teaching us that we should put God first in all that we do. When we do, the things of this world that we worry about today will no longer trouble us, as we place the Lordship of our lives in His hand.

We also noted that Christ concluded his teaching by comparing two men, one who built his house on the rock and one who built his on the sand. When the storms came, the house built on the sand was washed away. In that story Christ was indicating that the teachings which he had just pronounced within the Sermon on the Mount represented the rocks that the solid house had been built on. As such, we would be wise to pay close attention to this sermon and to seek ways to apply to our lives all the truths that were taught.


In this lesson, we will be examining three interesting chapters leading up to the calling of the Apostles. These chapters cover a variety of miracles, healings and teachings that occurred after the Sermon on the Mount.

Read Matthew Chapters 8, 9 and 10 and answer the following:

  1. In Matthew Chapter 8, five miracles that Jesus accomplished are described. Can you name them?
    1. ANSWER 1: Jesus heals a man with leprosy.
    2. ANSWER 2: Jesus heals a Centurion’s servant because of the Centurion’s faith.
    3. ANSWER 3: Jesus heals many and casts out demons.
    4. ANSWER 4: Jesus calms the storm over the sea of Galilee.
    5. ANSWER 5: Jesus restores two demon-possessed men.
  2. These five miracles illustrate that Jesus has power over both the physical and spiritual worlds.
  3. In Matthew 8:20, we observe the first time that Jesus refers to himself as "the son of man". Was this phrase ever used in prophecy about him? (see Daniel 7:13-14)
    1. ANSWER: Yes, clearly in this passage from the book of Daniel the phrase "son of man" is referring to Christ.
  4. Do demons believe in God? (see James 2:19 and Matthew 8:28-29)
    1. ANSWER: Absolutely, in fact they know that there is only one true God and they shudder. They also know Jesus and they know that he is the true son of God as shown in Matthew 8:28-29.
  5. Do demons know their final outcome? (see Matthew 8:29)
    1. ANSWER: Absolutely, again look at verse 29 in Matthew chapter 8.
  6. As recorded in Matthew 9:3, why did the teachers believe that Jesus was blaspheming?
    1. ANSWER: Because they knew that only God could forgive sins.
  7. In Matthew 9:9-14, we observe some of the contrasts between the Pharisees and Christ, as they relate to the dinner at Matthew’s house. Is this passage teaching us that as Christians we should be party goers? Is it teaching us that we should make friends with government officials? If not, then what is this passage teaching us?
    1. ANSWER: It is teaching us that we should be seeking and searching the lost; and that often this will mean that the Lord will lead us to go wherever they are. If our motives are pure, and we are seeking the lost for Christ, it will not matter where we physically go. It will mean that we will be meeting, visiting, and even eating with sinners—just as were sinners saved through Christ’s shed blood, we need to go and take the Gospel to them. We need to push through the gates of Hell and find the lost before it’s too late.
  8. Several times in Matthew Chapter 9, Jesus refers to people’s faith, e.g. in Matthew 9:22. In this passage, as we consider the faith of these who are healed, can we describe their faith as "blind faith"? How would you describe their faith and how deep it was?
    1. ANSWER: There is no such thing as "blind" faith. Faith in anything is always based on something. Clearly their faith, their belief that Christ was the true Messiah and had the power to heal them was deep and strong; and Christ recognized this in them.
  9. In Matthew 10:16, how does Christ say he is sending us out to spread the gospel, and what are we to be when we are sent?
    1. ANSWER: Be shrewd, be on guard, be aware that we are being sent out as sheep among the wolves. Don’t go blindly, be aware of the spiritual environment and that "Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." 1 Peter 5:8
  10. In Matthew 10:22, what does Christ tells us regarding how we will be received as His witnesses?
    1. ANSWER: We will be hated; expect it. But through us, Jesus will seek and save His lost sheep.
  11. What is the central message that Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:25?
    1. ANSWER: People said hateful and spiteful things about Christ. As his followers, the same and worse will be said about us. Expect it, but don’t let it deter you from your mission to reach and serve others.
  12. Read Matthew 10:29-31. What can we learn about our life and our death from these verses?
    1. ANSWER: We have great value to God, that He created each of us and knows us intimately. Whether we live or die, let it be to His glory.

In this lesson, we once again see that Jesus is more than able to provide for all our needs. He has power over both the natural and spiritual worlds; and He has called us to be a unique people, set apart for spreading the gospel message.

I pray that we will come to see that there is nothing that Christ cannot do for us, in us, or with us; if only we are willing to put our complete faith in Him. Once we give Christ the total Lordship of our life, we can begin to live a life of real victory.

Have a great week everyone!

In Christ,



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