Lesson 10Daniel 10

In the last lesson, Daniel Chapter 9, we saw that Daniel knew from Jeremiah’s prophecy that the desolation of Jerusalem would last seventy years; and he prayed, asking God to forgive Israel and to restore and rebuild both the city and the Temple. We noted at the beginning of that chapter that Daniel dressed in sackcloth and ashes, and fasted in addition to praying. God answered his prayer with the vision of the "seventy ‘sevens’".


In the current lesson, Daniel is given one final vision of "the great war" that is to come. This last vision covers the last three chapters of Daniel. We begin our look at this vision by studying Daniel Chapter 10.

After reading Daniel Chapter 10, consider the following:

  1. In Daniel 10:1, what is noted regarding the revelation that Daniel is given in the final chapters of Daniel?
  2. How did Daniel prepare for this prayer? (see Daniel 10:2)
  3. What compelled Daniel to do all of these things prior to praying?
  4. What can we learn about Daniel’s daily life from the actions he took?
  5. Read Revelation 1:13-16 and compare it with the description found in Daniel 10:4-7. Do you believe that this is Christ talking to Daniel? (also see Daniel 10:13)
  6. What do the words spoken by the angels in Daniel’s visions indicate about how God thinks of Daniel? (see Daniel 9:23 and Daniel 10:11)
  7. What has the angel come to do? Refer to both Daniel 9:22-23 and Daniel 10:12-14.
  8. Referring to both Daniel Chapter 9 and Daniel Chapter 10, at what point in time did God answer Daniel’s prayers?
  9. Who did the angel’s message in Daniel 10:14 involve?
  10. What can we make of the comment in Daniel 10:13 regarding the struggle between the angel and "the prince of the Persian kingdom" resisting him? Who is this prince, and what does it indicate to us about the angelic realm? (see also Ephesians 6:12)
  11. What happens to prince of Persia, and why? (see Daniel 10:20)
  12. Within the angelic realm, who is helping Gabriel in this struggle against the prince of Persia? (see Daniel 10:21)

In the next lesson, we will embark on Part 1 of a two-part revelation given to Daniel and recorded in Daniel Chapter 11. What we observe in all of Daniel’s actions is an uncommon man during uncommon times; one who is "highly esteemed" by God, humbly serving and seeking God in all that he does. May this be the daily desire for our lives as well.

Thanks for studying with us!

Yours in Christ,



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