Lesson 6Daniel 6


Picking up our Daniel narrative with the defeat and capture of Belshazzar by Darius and the Medes, we turn our attention to Daniel Chapter 6 and the establishment of the Median government. Known for its story of Daniel in the lions’ den, Chapter 6 also provides object lessons about governance, bigotry, and the continued strength of Daniel’s faith, as God delivers him from the lions.

Read Daniel Chapter 6, then answer the following:

  1. How old was Darius the Mede when he took over the kingdom? (see Daniel 5:31)
  2. What was the first thing Darius did when he took over the kingdom?
  3. How did Daniel respond in his new position, under this new leader and new nation that were now in command?
  4. Once they learned of the King’s plan to put Daniel in charge of everything, who turned against Daniel?
  5. What did Daniel’s accusers actually see in Daniel, i.e., what did they find in his actions that gave them the ability to charge him before Darius?
  6. So what did Daniel do wrong? Did Daniel know he was violating a decree from Darius? What can we learn from this regarding our own lives?
  7. When Darius learned that Daniel had violated his decree, how did Darius react? Was he angry with Daniel?
  8. What did the King say in Daniel 6:16 that gives us insight into Daniel’s walk with God and his public testimony?
  9. What happened to Daniel in the lions’ den? How did his experience compare with the experience of his accusers and their families when they were put in the lions’ den?
  10. What happened to Daniel following the lions’ den experience?

Daniel wasn’t just a man of faith with good ethical and work values; he was a man of God who did not let circumstances, or a personal crisis, affect his walk with God or his testimony. Even though he was in a foreign country and working under multiple kings and cultures, he never waivered in seeking God first in all that he said and did. What an example he sets for us today!

In the next lesson, we will continue our study by beginning to examine Daniel’s own prophetic dreams.

Have a great week everyone!

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