Isaiah was referred to as the Messianic Prophet because he was so filled with the idea that his nation was to be the Messianic Nation to the world; and that through and from this Nation, a great and wonderful blessing would come from God to all nations, in the form of the Messiah. He was continually dreaming of the day when this great and wonderful work would be accomplished.

In the New Testament, the Gospel of John tells us that Isaiah "saw the glory of Christ, and spoke of him" (John 12:41). Isaiah's book is perhaps one of the two most loved books in the Old Testament by the New Testament Church; the other being the book of Psalms.

God is revealed to us in so many ways in the book of Isaiah, as is Christ, the coming Messiah. And within this book, we also find much we see and can apply in our daily lives today; specifically:

  1. God as our judge and our redeemer,
  2. Our patient and blessed hope in the coming Messiah,
  3. The promise of heaven, and of an eternal existence almost indescribable.


Lesson 1
Isaiah 1:1 to 12:6

Lesson 2
Isaiah Chapters 13-23

Lesson 3
Isaiah Chapters 24-27

Lesson 4
Isaiah Chapters 28-29

Lesson 6
Isaiah Chapters 36-39

Lesson 7
Isaiah Chapters 40-42

Lesson 8
Isaiah Chapters 43-45

Lesson 9
Isaiah Chapters 52-56

Lesson 10
Isaiah Chapters 57-66
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