Lesson 2 Joshua 2:1-24

We continue our study of Joshua with a look at Chapter 2 and a woman named Rahab, or Rachab in some versions. What a testimony she is to the power of God to save, and how God works in ways that we cannot know nor predict. Who would ever have thought that part of the plan to overtake Jericho would require the use of intelligence from a harlot, and would result in her being saved as well?


When we have completed our lesson, you will see what a remarkable woman she was and how great her role was in the spreading of the Gospel even today. Her example will teach us about the power of our testimony and witness, even when we don’t realize that we are offering one. She will also teach us about being saved by faith, and how that salvation is evidenced in the works of the one saved. Finally, she will teach us to care not just for our own salvation, but for the salvation of others.

So let”s begin by reading Chapter 2 and considering the following questions:

  1. Read the verses below and identify the specific things that we can learn about Rahab from each of them.
    1. Joshua 2:1
    2. Joshua 2:3-4
    3. Joshua 6:17-25
    4. Matthew 1:5 (Rachab same as Rahab, depending on version)
    5. Hebrews 11:31
    6. James 2:25
  2. Now review Joshua 2:8-11. How could the harlot know all of these things about the Israelites?
  3. Considering the previous question, do you believe that Rahab had a good understanding of God, the sins that her people had committed, and the need for salvation? What would indicate this to you?
  4. Read Joshua 2:12-13. What is it that we see Rahab doing in these two verses? Is this something that we should be doing as well?
  5. Compare Joshua 2:18-19 with Exodus 12:21-24. How are these two events similar?
  6. Look again at Matthew 1:5. Who was the Mother of Boaz? Boaz would go on, through Ruth to father Obed, and Obed would have a son named Jesse, who would have a son named David. This would make Rahab the great-great grandmother of David and a key part of the genealogy of Christ.
  7. Can you identify the other women in Christ’s genealogy from Matthew Chapter 1? We know that Ruth was a Moabite, not an Israelite, plus there are two harlots; Rahab is one of them. Who is the other? There was also an adulteress. Can you name her as well?

As we have observed, Rahab became completely transformed from the godless and sinful woman that she was into an integral part of the nation of Israel and our own Christian heritage as well. Her story symbolizes God’s calling out of the church from a godless Gentile world

If we are to reach the world for Christ, we need to go into the Jericho’s of this world. We need to follow Christ’s leading, as He works through us to reach out to the lost, and as He continues to call out His church from a dead and dying world.

We should be encouraged and motivated by Rahab’s story, as it is a story of great faith and one which demonstrates that no matter the sin or the sinner, God, through his son Jesus, has the power to save each of us.

Yours in Christ,