Lesson 9Joshua 10:1-43


In our current lesson, we will see God once again working in a mighty way to provide victory to Joshua and the people of Israel, and in a way that demonstrates truly and unmistakably that it is God’s victory alone. As you will see, it is a remarkable and miraculous story and again, as in past weeks, we will discover much in this story that can be applied in our lives today.

Let’s begin our study by reading Chapter 10 and considering the following:

  1. After you have read the story of the battle and victory in Chapter 10, read Luke 1:37, Luke 18:27, and Isaiah 55:8; and describe how these verses might relate to the lesson in Chapter 10.
  2. Have you ever had to climb a hill too high in order to face an enemy too large? This is the story as Chapter 10 opens. (see Josh. 10:1-7) As you read these verses, remember that Gilgal was below sea level and that Gibeon was at 3,300 ft above sea level. Joshua’s men marched uphill some four thousand feet to face a large army of allied forces from five cities. It must have been a strenuous march through the night, and, with no time to rest, they pressed immediately into battle. Why? What gave them the courage to climb such a mountain and fight such a battle? (see Josh. 10:8)
  3. How many people died in the battle by the sword, and how many did God kill with hail? (see Josh, 10:9-11)
  4. With God fighting on their side, what was Joshua’s request in the midst of the battle, and why? (see Josh. 10:12-14)
  5. For how long a period of time did God stop the sun? (see Josh. 10:13)
  6. Reread the description of the battles in Joshua 10:15-39. List each city that was conquered, the number or prisoners taken (if any), and the number of survivors from each battle.
  7. In reading the story of the battles from Joshua 10:15-39, how many soldiers in Joshua’s army were killed, as compared to the enemies killed in each city?
  8. After the battles, can we tell from reading Joshua 10:40-42 what the battle plan was? Were the cities that were captured and destroyed randomly chosen, or were there strategic reasons that particular region was captured and subdued under Joshua’s rule?
  9. Have you ever had a time when clearly God executed the victory in something in your life, something that was undeniably the work of his hand and not yours, and perhaps a victory that was as smashing and as thorough as those in this story?
  10. Again, consider the verses in Luke and Isaiah from the first question above. What is this lesson all about, and how does it apply to your life this day?

Let’s commit this week to trusting wholly in God’s provisioning for us, and let’s commit to believing that absolutely, positively, without a doubt, nothing is impossible for God!

Have a great week everyone.

Yours in Christ,