God’s Standards for LeadersLeviticus 21 - 22


This week we will be studying Godís standards for leaders or people he places in authority. We will also gain insight into Godís standards overall, and see how far short of the mark that we fall without Christ.

Read Leviticus Chapters 21-22 and answer the following:

  1. Who are the main subjects of Godís commands in these two chapters? Whose behavior is he addressing?
  2. What is the primary area being addressed in Chapter 21? What is the primary area being addressed in Chapter 22?
  3. In reading Leviticus Chapters 21 and 22, are there any standards given for the behavior of children? Cite the specific verses if you find any.
  4. What do these two chapters tell us about Godís standards when it comes to leaders?
  5. Do these two chapters tell us that handicapped and people with birth defects are not wanted and should be avoided or driven out of the community?
  6. What conclusions can we draw about the behavior of Pastors and other church leaders today?
  7. Since the veil has been torn and we can boldly approach Godís throne, what do these chapters say to us as individuals as we approach God?
  8. What do these chapters say about the way in which we should worship God? What should our attitude be, how should we act in the presence of God, and what priority should our relationship to God be as we live our lives each day?

May God richly bless you this week. Thanks for studying with us.

Yours in Christ,


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