Lesson 2Proverbs Chapters 2 and 3

In the previous lesson, we began our study of Proverbs. We discovered almost immediately that, for us to get the most out of the wisdom in this book, we must recognize that God must be first in our life. Furthermore, we must indeed fear and respect God before we can begin to gain wisdom. Finally, we saw that we need to lead a disciplined life if we are to apply the wisdom that God gives us.


Solomon’s first piece of wisdom was that we should teach our children not to associate with the wicked and to caution them about the wicked ways in which these types of people will try to lure them into joining up with them. This is a lesson that holds good advice for adults as well. God’s teachings in this chapter also indicates to us that teaching our children is the responsibility of both parents — fathers and mothers.

In this lesson, we will discover the benefits that wisdom brings into our lives, and we will learn more reasons why God wants us to study and apply the important teachings in this book.

Read Proverbs Chapters 2 and 3; then answer the following:

  1. Read the first four verses of chapter 2 and list the "if"s cited therein.
  2. In Proverbs 2:5, what does Solomon tell us will happen if we heed the "if"s in the first four verses?
  3. In Proverbs 2:6, who are we told is the one that gives wisdom, and where does knowledge and understanding come from?
  4. What else does the Lord do, according to Proverbs 2:7-9?
  5. In addition to the benefits listed in Proverbs 2:7-9, what specific benefits does verse 9 indicate we be ours if we gain and apply wisdom?
  6. Additional benefits are listed Proverbs 2:10-12. What are they?
  7. There are two specific things that Solomon tells us that wisdom will save us from. Read Proverbs 2:12 and Proverbs 2:16 and list these two things below.
  8. What is the correlation between Psalm 23 and the basic teaching about wisdom?
  9. Read Proverbs Chapter 3 and list which verses cite "benefits" and which verses cite "directives".
    1. Benefits verses:
    2. Directives verses:
  10. Which two verses within Proverbs Chapter 3 could we say are not only the key to understanding this chapter and the entire book of Proverbs, but also the key to living a life pleasing to God?
  11. What are the attributes of wisdom? Read Proverbs 3:13-18, and list them below.

With all of the blessings and benefits associated with obtaining wisdom, it is clear to see that wisdom is something that we should be seeking. However, it is also evident that obtaining God’s wisdom is not an easy task. It requires a deep and honest desire, and a willingness to discipline ourselves to be in tune with God, to have an ear turned toward God at all times, and an open and pure heart in which God lives each day.

We can observe from our study that if we seek peace, direction for our life, and protection from the evils of this world and the wicked which surround us, we will need God and we will need His wisdom. If we turn to him and seek him with all of our heart, he will hear our cry for help, comfort us, and grant us wisdom and knowledge that will bring peace to our lives and direction for days ahead.

May God continue to bless you as study with us. Have a great week everyone.

In Christ,



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