Song of Solomon

Lesson 1Song of Solomon Chapter 1

In this lesson, we begin our study of the Song of Solomon, the most romantic and intimate book of the Bible. I will readily admit that as I’ve studied and thought on this book, it is probably the one book that humbles me the most. The thought of teaching about love, intimacy, relationships, in such a personal way is not something that comes readily to me, and yet I can see the value in studying this most beautiful book.

Over the course of our study, we will also be learning about God’s great love for His people, Christ’s great love for His Church, and the beauty and value of having a loving and intimate relationship with those we love. Our study will hopefully renew our sense of the value that God places on the relationship between a man and a woman; His divine purpose that they should join and become as one; and that bearing and raising a family is God-inspired and is an integral part of His divine will.

Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon covers three stages in Solomon’s love for the person who probably became his first wife: the courting or dating phase; the wedding phase; and the long-term marriage relationship.

Read the entire book through at least once before beginning our study. I have gone through it several times, and each time, something new is revealed. If you currently have a spouse, each of you can read the parts to each other; this will add special meaning to your study.

As we begin our study of the Song of Songs, let’s commit to growing our relationships stronger, and loving one another more deeply.

To begin our study, read Song of Solomon Chapter 1 and consider the following questions:

  1. Of all the people in the Bible who fell deeply in love, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, etc., why do you suppose that God chose to include this book in His divine word?
  2. Can you describe the difference between having a "relationship" with someone and "intimacy"? When we read Song of Solomon, we are reading about intimacy. What does that mean? Can we have an intimate relationship with God as well?
  3. If we have an intimate relationship with someone, or if we have an intimate relationship with God, what does that look like? What are some of the things that we do that makes a relationship "intimate"?
  4. What is it that is so exciting about the early days of dating? How does it affect our behavior? What happens when we look at someone with whom we are deeply in love, and how is it that similar to how Christ looks at us?
  5. Think about the first person that you fell deeply in love with. In what ways did it affect you that indicated to you that you were in love? Can you see any of those things in Chapter 1 of Song of Solomon?
  6. Which verse or verses in Song of Solomon Chapter 1 indicate to us that Solomon's love interest is falling in love with Solomon?
  7. Which verse or verses indicate to us that Solomon is in love with her?

As we continue our study of these poems of love, I pray that Christ will show you how deep his love is for you; and that Solomon’s writings will impress upon you the importance of developing and protecting loving relationships. Correspondingly, let’s pray that during this brief study, God will lead us to strengthen our current relationships and seek even more to have an intimate relationship with Him through His son Jesus.

In Christ,



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