My Prayer Aids

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I want to introduce you to some aids that may help you with your prayer time, and I want to encourage you to send me comments on things that have helped you grow in your prayer life.


I personally favor the writings of two people on Prayer, E.M. Bounds and Charles Spurgeon, but there are plenty of others as well, including Kenneth W. Osbeck, T.W. Hunt, and Kay Arthur.

One of the folks who study on line with us sent the following titles by E.M. Bounds that can be found on the Christian Classics Ethereal Library web site:

  1. Essentials of Prayer
  2. Necessity of Prayer
  3. Possibilities of Prayer
  4. Power Through Prayer
  5. Prayer and Praying Men
  6. Purpose in Prayer
  7. Reality of Prayer
  8. Weapon of Prayer

If you like E.M. Bounds, you can also purchase the book I have, titled “The Complete Works Of E.M. Bounds On Prayer”, it’s a paperback that contains all of his writings in a single book.

In addition to other books by Charles Spurgeon I have a book titled “Morning & Evening”. It combines his book titled “Morning by Morning”, and his book titled “Evening by Evening” into a single book of daily devotional readings and prayers, one for each morning and one for each evening.

Perhaps the one single book that made a significant impact on early prayer life is a book by Charles Spurgeon titled, “The Power of Prayer in a Believer’s Life.” It’s an excellent book, and if it’s still available I highly recommend it.

I have also enjoyed three books by Kenneth W. Osbeck. He writes books that provide the reader with the background on many church hymns. How a particular hymn came about, about the composer, and so on, all in a devotional approach. The three I have are titled, “Amazing Grace, 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories For Daily Devotions”, which is a daily devotional built around the history of a hymn. He has also written two books I like titled “101 Hymn Stories” and “101 More Hymn Stories.”

An excellent book for studying the doctrine of Prayer, is a book by that title “The Doctrine of Prayer” by T.W. Hunt, and Kay Arthur has an excellent book on teaching you how to pray called, “Lord, Teach Me To Pray In 28 Days.”

I also have a much-earmarked book, which probably is no longer available, from Billy Graham’s ministry called “Unto the Hills Thoughts For Every Day” which I have enjoyed as a daily devotional for many years.

Finally, I also highly recommend a bi-monthly magazine published by the Navigators called “Discipleship Journal,” it will really help you grow as a disciple in every aspect of your life, including prayer.

I hope that some of these will add new life and energy into your prayer time. And, again, if you have something special that has helped you, let me know and I’ll pass it on so that others may benefit as well.

Please continue to focus on building up your prayer life; we live in a time when prayer is more important than ever. Without prayer in our life we’re heading into each day blind and deaf, pray this week that God will provide you spiritual vision and wisdom that can only come from Him and Him alone.

Praying for you all,