Old Testament Survey

Lesson 25 w/AnswersIsaiah’s Prophecies (Part 2)

In this lesson, we conclude our look at the Prophet Isaiah with an examination of the coming New Jerusalem and the Messiah’s establishment of his earthly kingdom, known as the Millennial Kingdom. Other than being in heaven, nothing is more exciting for followers of Christ to consider than that appointed day when Christ will physically return with the saints to establish his earthly kingdom and reign for a thousand years. Referred to as the millennial kingdom, it will be the fulfillment of much of prophecy, including the writings of Isaiah.


We will be examining Isaiah Chapter 54 and Chapter 60 in particular as we learn (or relearn) some details regarding this much anticipated future event. I think it may surprise you how much God has revealed to us about this thousand year period. As we diligently assimilate these scriptures, I pray God will reveal much to you and fill you with the hope of the coming King and all that it will mean for mankind.

Read Isaiah Chapters 54 and 60; then consider the following:

Isaiah’s prophecy clearly indicates that, in the future Jerusalem, the people of Israel will be seen in a different light than they are today, or even as they were in times past. Israel will be the center of government in Christ’s earthly reign, and His capital will be Jerusalem. It will be a city with a new, and almost indescribable, beauty; and a time of peace and justice will be ushered in—one that mankind has never before experienced.

What will that kingdom look like? How will Christ establish it? What will physically happen to Jerusalem? And how will it be different than the Jerusalem we know? If we study some additional scriptures and consider all that they tell us, we can begin to put together a picture of what Christ’s Second Coming will look like and what will happen when He returns.

Now read the chapters and verses cited below and write down what additional insights they give us regarding Christ’s coming and the establishment up of His Millennial reign.

  1. Revelation Chapter 19:17-21 and Chapter 20.
    1. ANSWER: At the end of the Tribulation period, Christ and his followers will defeat Satan and bind him up for 1,000 years. At that moment, Christ’s reign will begin, initiating a new period of peace and justice, such like has never been seen before—The Millennial Reign, with Christ on the throne reigning in righteousness.
  2. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
    1. ANSWER: We believe that this passage describes what many refer to as "the rapture" during which Christ calls out his followers to their resurrected bodies prior to the Tribulation period. In this way, they will be able to accompany Him when he returns to earth to reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
  3. Zechariah Chapter 14
    1. ANSWER: This passage describes an awesome day, a day like no other, with only the bright and blinding light of Christ shining around the globe. The supernatural phenomenon of day everywhere, and no night, will make His Second Coming unmistakable. It will instill such fear in the eyes of His enemies that they will turn on each other. Zechariah tells us that their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths. (Ezekiel tells us it will take at least seven months to bury all of the dead.) Zechariah also shows us that Jerusalem, the surrounding area, and the nation of Israel will all be changed in great and magnificent ways when Christ returns. Jerusalem will be transformed into the most beautiful city on earth, and the surrounding area will become a very fertile and beautiful area, where the kings of the earth will come seeking an audience with the King of Kings.
  4. Ezekiel Chapter 39
    1. ANSWER: This chapter speaks to the battle at the end of the Tribulation period, when Christ will come and defeat His enemies. The carnage will be so bad it will take seven months to bury the dead. In fact, the carnage will be so prevalent that there will be a marker or sign posted at each location where remains are found. Following this, at the beginning of His millennial reign, he will assign people with this specific task of locating and burying all of the dead. Ezekiel also speaks to God’s restorative power and how He will pour His spirit upon His chosen people.
  5. Matthew 25:31-46
    1. ANSWER: Here we see that another of the many things that will happen at the beginning of Christ’s reign will be the His judgment of the nations, separating them as sheep and goats. This categorization will be based on how those nations cared for His chosen people and whether those nations chose not to get the mark of the beast during the great tribulation.
  6. Now, based on what you have read so far, list some of the things that Christ will do when he comes again and establishes His earthly kingdom—as both King and Lord and ruler over both Church and State:
    1. ANSWER 1: He will judge the nations and separate the good ones from the bad.
    2. ANSWER 2: He will establish his government; and appoint leaders, rulers, and authorities over the people.
    3. ANSWER 3: He will rule with a rod of iron. There will be no "gray" areas. Justice will once again be carried out in righteousness, by righteous judges.
    4. ANSWER 4: Every position of authority will be filled by one of His followers, both Jew and Christian.
    5. ANSWER 5: People will be assigned to bury the dead who died during the horrific battle at Megiddo.
    6. ANSWER 6: Jerusalem will be recreated/rebuilt and turned into an oasis—the crown jewel of His earthly kingdom.
    7. ANSWER 7: Animals and mankind will once again all get along.
    8. ANSWER 8: During that period, life spans will become so long that that anyone who dies at 100 will seem to have died too young.
    9. ANSWER 9: Finally, He will defeat Satan at the end of His reign during the battle of Armageddon.

As we see from reading Isaiah’s prophecies, and all that other passages in the Bible that tell us about Christ’s return, it will be a dramatic and an exciting time—a time each of us as followers of Christ will participate in! What will He have for each of us to do? And what will it be like to live for a thousand years in our resurrected bodies with Christ as our King, knowing that at the end of that reign, He will defeat Satan and usher in the New Heaven and New Earth where we will live with Him and for Him eternally?!

It will be even more exciting if we know someone living in that kingdom that the Lord used us to bring to a saving knowledge of Him. Let’s use that excitement and joy this week to reach out to someone for Christ!

Thanks for studying with us. Have a great week everyone!

In Christ,



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