"Who is Jesus Anyway?"

Lesson 6 w/AnswersChrist the Creator

Continuing our study of Christ before the manger, let’s pick up where we left off in our last lesson and look at Christ’s role as our creator.


Through the eyes of God’s Holy Word, we will see what it was like before creation and what it will be like after this current creation passes away. We will discover Christ’s central role, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, and see what a blessed Savior we have.

For this lesson, let’s consider the following passages and what they reveal to us about Christ as our Creator.

  1. What was it like before creation? Surely at some point in your life, you have tried to consider the possible answers to this question. What was it like before anything but God-in-three-persons existed? Did you know that the Bible provides us some insight into this? What does John 17:24 tell us?
    1. ANSWER: We observe that before creation, God was a God of love. And a relationship existed, a relationship of love, between God the Father and God the Son, Jesus.
  2. When we consider that our One and only God is also a trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, it can be a little difficult to understand how they all interrelate. Furthermore, trying to interpret the role that each of them had/have in creation can sometimes be confusing. So let’s see if we can gain some clarity around these questions by studying 1 Corinthians 8:6. From this, write out a quick sentence or two that better explains the relationships within the Trinity, and the role that each member played, and will continue to play, in creation.
    1. ANSWER: God is clearly seen as the Father "from whom all things came", and Jesus is seen as Lord, through whom not only "all things came", but "through whom we live". The Holy Spirit is Jesus living in us, teaching us and leading us, as we live the life that Jesus made possible through God’s great grace.
  3. The New Testament in particular is very prolific about proclaiming Christ as our Creator. It turns out that a study of the verses below (and many others that we won’t have time to cover here) provides us examples of direct references to Christ in the Old Testament as well. Look them up and jot down how they speak to you about Christ’s role as creator.
    1. John 1:3
      1. ANSWER: Christ created "all things". We can see from this verse that absolutely nothing exists, spiritually or physically, unless Christ created it first.
    2. Colossians 1:15-20
      1. ANSWER: Here we see Christ, not only as the creator of all things, including rulers and authorities, but also as the creator and head of the Church. He is the one who brings reconciliation, so that through him, we can have the relationship with God that God desired when mankind was created.
    3. Hebrews 1:1-14
      1. ANSWER: Again we see that the universe was created by Jesus, the Son of God; and that God’s desire is for Jesus to be preeminent in all of creation.
    4. Psalm 102:12-28 -- Why is the fact that these verses are also quoted in Hebrews important to our study? Do you suppose this is an indication to us that Christ is the one being referred to here as "LORD"? Is it possible that this is also true in many other Old Testament passages?
      1. ANSWER: Yes; in fact, many theologians believe that "LORD" in the Old Testament is a direct reference to Jesus as Lord, and to Jesus’ being the one present in each of those references. When you read the Psalm passage cited above inserting Jesus’ name for "LORD", its meaning really comes to life.
  4. In addition to this creation in which we live today, did you know there is another creation that Christ is preparing, and that we will also live in that creation? It will be eternal, as will we also be. Have a look at the verses below. What do they tell us about Christ’s coming creation?
    1. John 14:1-3
      1. ANSWER: It tells us that there is plenty of room in Christ’s plans for all of us. He has a place with more than enough "rooms" for each of us. It is also reassuring that He is coming back for us! He wants us to be where he is, and he wants to be where we are. How comforting; a promise that is full of hope for each of us.
    2. Revelation 21:1-7
      1. ANSWER: A new heaven and a new earth is coming. Not "new" in the sense of something old being replaced with a similar thing that’s not old; but "new" in the sense of something that is completely different from the former. No sea, no night, and so on; a completely new way of living in a completely new place. How exciting!
    3. Revelation 21:9-10
      1. ANSWER: Not only will the heaven and earth be "new", but so will the New City of Jerusalem. It will be indescribably beautifully. What the Lord has in store for all of his creation, even the city of Jerusalem, will pale in comparison to what exists today.
    4. Revelation 21:22-27
      1. ANSWER: In this passage, we discover that there will be no night, no moon, and no sun; rather, God’s glory will be the light. And because the Lamb of God will be there as well, there will be no need for a Temple. Nothing impure will ever enter the new city, and it is going to be the most beautiful city ever created by God.
    5. Revelation 22:1-5
      1. ANSWER: In this passage, we find that the river of life will flow from the throne of God and The Lamb down through the city. Lining both sides of the river will be the fruit of the Tree of Life. We will see God’s face, and we will reign forever and ever with Him. What an awesome promise, what a hope, and what a future!

As we continue this mini-study, I pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you more about Christ our Savior then you previously knew. As we discovered in the current lesson, He is indeed the "Alpha and Omega", the beginning and the end, and that through Him all things were made. We have placed our faith in the creator of our universe, our Father in heaven, and the author and finisher of our faith. Christ, our all-in-all, loved us so much that he did all of this for us; and He is preparing a new home for us, and sits on the throne at the right hand of God interceding for us day and night.

What a great and blessed redeemer we have! I hope and pray that this study will strengthen your faith and deepen your spiritual vision. May God richly bless you this week as we search and study to learn more about our loving Savior and Lord.

In Christ,



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