Church Turmoil and Challenges

God placed the development of this short series of lessons on my heart at a time when my home church, Southview, was struggling with Godís vision it and patiently waiting on His guidance. Our struggles during the months leading up to these lessons affected each of us in a variety of ways, some more than others. These lessons are very personal to me because, at the time, I was experiencing difficulty in finding direction for my life and ministry in the overall context of my church life.

I soon came to realize that today across the country we are witnessing struggles, splits, and turmoil within the church at unprecedented levels. I also discovered that I wasn't the only one suffering from disillusionment and searching for Godís truth and direction in the midst of it, and I realized that many others in many other locations had as well.

As a happy ending to the story -- and more evidence that God is always in control, I have included a more recent discussion of the "remnant" that ultimately emerged from this difficult time with renewed zeal and sense of purpose.

May God bless you as we share this personally painful but necessary examination of the challenges facing many local churches today, as we seek God's guidance regarding how it can continue to be used -- and triumphantly renewed -- to serve as a beacon and refuge for the lost.


Antioch, VA?
- Could your church or my church become the next "Church at Antioch"?

Antioch: The Next Step
- An examination of how to take your church and my church to the next level, using the practices of the Christians at the Church at Antioch as a model for us to follow.

The Role of the Remnant
- A discussion of how God is always faithful to those who persevere and fight on, even when no good outcome is in sight.

Troubled Church - Part 1
- A series of 2 lessons addressing problems and struggles faced by local churches from time to time.

Troubled Church - Part 2
- A series of 3 lessons addressing problems and struggles faced by local churches from time to time.

What's Your Address? Where Are You Living?
- A discussion about change. Nothing in todayís world, or in our church, is constant; nor is anything constant within us -Ė except the God who saves us.

Where's the 3000?
- A look at the appropriate barometers for evaluating church "success" and health. Focusing on raw numbers can discourage us and sidetrack us from our true goals.
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