Palm Sunday - The King is Coming!Discussion

Reflecting back on the past couple weeks many things have been on my mind during my times of prayer and times of simply talking with the Lord and meditating on His Word. Pressures at work, events at home, and the news which daily inundates us all, impact on our walk. Most recently the events in the news seem to gather more and more of our attention. Catastrophic floods, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, unrest like we’ve never seen before in the Middle East, and now two recent events around Christ are all in the news.

If you’ve not heard most recently a respected “biblical” scholar believes Christ never actually walked on the water. He believes he can explain away the miracle by saying climatic conditions were right for the surface of the water to have been frozen, if you can believe it. Followed a couple days later by the news that a new gospel of Judas has been unearthed, purporting to have Judas portrayed as a hero and acting at the direction of Christ himself.

It seems almost daily the Church and the Gospel of Christ are under attack. Abuse of church power, sexual perversion, crimes of all sorts, and false teaching are all becoming a daily occurrence. And, as if that weren’t enough we’re barraged by fears of the bird flu, Aids, bacteria resistant to antibiotics and other medical alarms are all prominent in the news.

Yesterday, my wife Sherrie heard a radio “preacher” proclaim that all Christians should sell all that they had, turn in their retirement savings and everything and invest in gold as a worldwide economic collapse was imminent.

What are we to think, how are we to process all of this while keeping our eye on the Cross? Is this the end? How do we know when the next earthquake is the one heralding in the Tribulation and the seeming destruction of this world? Where’s the hope, what are we to do, is God still in control?

As I considered all of this I realized that the time is once again right for a good study of the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John. There is no greater time in our history for us as Christians to know the truth and allow it to set us free. We need more than ever to understand God’s plan for us and for mankind, and to understand His purpose for us during these days.


The King is Coming! Just as two thousand years ago when Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem as the Passover Lamb of God and was heralded as the coming King, the Christ, the Messiah, so today we celebrate His coming again. This Sunday we’ll celebrate Palm Sunday and through the week pray and prepare for the Passover as we remember again His great sacrifice for us. The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world is coming again, this week let’s celebrate as we look forward to His return - knowing that God is very much on His throne with Christ, our High Priest, at His right hand interceding for us waiting for that moment when He will return to claim His eternal kingdom.

These past several weeks Sherrie and I continued to seek God’s will for our lives. As we see the turmoil, the pain, and the searching for peace and purpose in the lives of those around us we ask God how can we do more, where can He use us to further His Kingdom and help those hurting and lost.

This is the time when all of us should be seeking first His Kingdom. What can you do, how can you pray and minister in ways you’ve never done before? As we see His return approaching what are you doing to help prepare the way?

One of the things all of us can do is know the truth, be grounded solidly in God’s Word, and prepared to stand firm against the wiles of the devil. Just as Christ did when tempted in the desert with Satan’s half truths and lies, we must do the same. Know the truth and don’t allow the foolishness of this world to lead us down paths of destruction.

And so, as we prepare to celebrate Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, let us also celebrate the great victory He has given all of us. And let us renew our passion for knowing God’s Word in ways we’ve not known before. I pray you’ll commit to applying yourself to this study and to learning the truths God has in store for us. With it you’ll stay grounded in God’s Word, you’ll live a life of hope and peace knowing that God’s in control and celebrating with us the hope of heaven and the second coming of Christ.

Have a great week everyone, continue to praise Him and continue to place your trust in Him. Christ is real, His sacrifice was real, and our eternal existence with Him is assured – believe it and live it!

God Bless you all during the Easter Season.


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