Week Before Easter, TheLesson

This week we pause our current study to celebrate and study the triumphant entry of our Lord and Savior into Jerusalem and the week he spent there leading up to his death and resurrection.


We’ll look at why there were so many people there to greet him and the events that lead to that entry and the fulfillment of scripture in Zechariah 9:9. We’ll study what Jesus did that week and why as we also prepare ourselves for next week’s Easter celebration of His resurrection.

There are lots of scripture references this week so let’s begin to put the pieces all together.

Our journey starts during the winter prior to the time of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem. Read John Chapters 11 and 12 the answer the following:

  1. Christ had three friends whom he loved very much. Who were they and where did they live? (John 11:1-3)
  2. How far was Bethany from Jerusalem? (John 11:18)
  3. What did Jesus do when he arrived in Bethany? (John 11:43)
  4. In addition to Christ’s disciples and Mary and Martha, who else witnessed Lazarus being raised from the dead? (John 11:28-42)
  5. What was the reaction of those who witnessed Lazarus being raised from the dead by Christ? (John 11:45-53)
  6. Where did Christ go after raising Lazarus from the dead? (John 11:54)
  7. In the spring in preparation for Passover many headed for Jerusalem. Had they heard of Jesus, were they looking for him, were they anticipating his arrival? (John 11:55-57)
  8. When did Christ arrive again in Bethany and where did he stay? (John 12:1)
  9. Who came to see Jesus and Lazarus while Jesus was in Bethany at Lazarus’s home? (John 12:9)
  10. In John 12:10 we learn the Pharisees don’t just want Jesus killed they also want to kill someone else, who?
  11. Now read about the “great crowd” that greeted Christ. What does it say in verse 12?…it says this great crowd “heard” that Christ was coming. Who do you suppose told them given all we’ve read so far and the fact that Bethany was less than 2 miles from Jerusalem? (John 12:12-16) Now read John 12:17-18.

Now let’s begin with Christ’s entry and see what the Bible tells us about each day. Using the references listed for each day jot down a brief summary of how Christ spent each day.

  1. Fall/Winter The Year Before
    1. John 11:43-46
    2. John 11:53-56
  2. Saturday – the Sabbath (Shabbat) before Palm Sunday
    1. John 12:1-3
    2. John 12:9-11
  3. Sunday (Palm Sunday)
    1. John 12:12-19
    2. Mark 11:1-11
    3. Luke 19:28-44
    4. Matthew 21:1-11
  4. Monday
    1. Matthew 21:10-17
    2. Mark 11:12-18
    3. Luke 19:45-48
  5. Tuesday
    1. Matthew 21:23-24:51
    2. Mark 11:27-13:37
    3. Luke 20:1-21:36
  6. Wednesday
    1. Quiet day; the Bible is silent on the activities of this day
  7. Thursday (Maundy Thursday)
    1. Matthew 26:17-30
    2. Mark 14:12-26
    3. Luke 22:7-23
    4. John 13:1-30
  8. Friday – Good Friday
    1. Matthew 27:1-66
    2. Mark 15:1-47
    3. Luke 22:66-23:56
    4. John 18:28-19:37
  9. Saturday (Shabbat) the Sabbath
    1. This day Christ’s body lay in the tomb, the Passover Celebration continued and Sabbath rules were in effect. This mean you were not allowed to walk to the gravesite to properly prepare the body for burial and must wait until the next day, Sunday.
  10. Sunday – Easter Sunday
    1. Matthew 28:1-13
    2. Mark 16:1-20
    3. Luke 24:1-49
    4. John 20:1-31

Thanks again for studying with us, may God bless you as we celebrate the Resurrection of the Living Christ.

In Christ,


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