Lesson 5Seeing the Earth Restored


In this lesson, our study of Heaven will cover Section Five (Chapters 14-16) of Randy Alcorn’s book, "Heaven". This section is entitled "Seeing the Earth Restored". What will the restored or renewed earth look like? How will it be organized, what will it be like to live on it? In our lesson, we will look at these and other questions as we continue our study.

Consider the following:

  1. Read Isaiah Chapter 2 and compare it with the following verses found in Revelation 6:15-17 and Revelation 18:9-20. Note below what they tells us about the days leading up to Christ’s return, and what he will do when he returns.
  2. Read Isaiah 11:1-10 and note below what this reveals to us about the Messiah’s reign.
  3. Compare Isaiah 62:5-7, 10-11 with Revelation 22:12. What do these passages tell us about Christ’s return?
  4. Read Isaiah 65:17- 25. List below some of the things that we learn about what it will be like living on the earth during Christ’s Millennial reign?
  5. Read Isaiah 66:22-23. What does Christ promise to do during his Millennial reign?
  6. Compare Romans 8:19-23 and 2 Peter 3:5-13 with Genesis 6:13. What can we learn about the fate of this earth, and the "new earth" that is coming? Consider this as well: Did God "destroy" the earth with the flood?

God has prepared many good places for us to abide, from (1) Paradise (or the intermediate heaven), to (2) our home in His Millennial Kingdom, to (3) the New Heaven and New Earth that he is creating for us. What a blessing to look forward to; what a hope and a joy to know that we as God’s creatures will once again live and walk and talk with Him while living on this new earth! Spread the Good News to everyone you know and have a blessed week.

In Christ,



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