Lesson 9Animals in Heaven


With this lesson, we will conclude our study of heaven by looking at the presence of animals in heaven. This topic is also addressed in Section 11 of Randy Alcorn’s book, "Heaven". We will be examining two basic questions about animals: Will animals inherit the earth? And if so, will the animals of today and times past be resurrected to live again, including our pets, or will everything about the animals be new?

I hope that as we have moved through this study, you have begun to realize that there is a lot more to our eternal home than just sitting on a cloud and strumming a harp. In this lesson we will add even more dimension to our understanding of heaven by looking at what the Bible says about animals and what, if any, presence they will have in heaven, living on the new earth with us.

Let’s research together what the Bible tells us regarding the subject of animals in heaven.

  1. Considering our first fundamental question, i.e., whether animals be present in heaven, specifically in the new earth and new heaven which will be our eternal home; there are several key passages that speak to this. Write down what each of the below passages reveal to us:
    1. Isaiah 11:6-9
    2. Isaiah 65:17-25 and Isaiah 66:22
  2. Given that Isaiah 65:25 specifically addresses the New Earth, we can safely assume that these verses do not just refer to Christ’s millennial kingdom. We can infer this by looking closely at Isaiah 65:25 and comparing it to Revelation 21:4. Take a few minutes to do this now. From this comparison, how can we be certain that the scriptures about the animals refer to the New Earth, rather than the millennial kingdom?
  3. What does Romans 8:18-21 tell us about creation and its inclusion in the New Earth?
  4. Can animals praise God? Note what the Bible has to say about this in the verses below.
    1. Psalm 148:1-14
    2. Psalm 150:6
    3. Revelation 5:13
  5. Romans 8:18-21 seems to indicate that not only will we be resurrected, but so will creation, including animals. Since God intends to raise us up to populate the New Earth (rather than create all new humans), could we reasonably conclude that it would be the same for the animals on the New Earth? Could we also assume this would mean the resurrection of our pets?

In conclusion, although God’s word is silent on the resurrection of our family pets, it is not silent on the role of animals within His creation, and the inclusion of them in the new heaven and earth. Heaven and earth united with God at the center. What a beautiful day that will be! And, it is even more exciting that we who have accepted the sacrifice of God’s only Son Christ as our salvation will be there to experience it!

So, hopefully, we conclude our study of heaven with a deeper knowledge of the coming new heaven and new earth, which is our eternal home. With this hope of heaven in our hearts, let’s continue the work that God has set before us; so that all who have a home waiting in heaven will come to recognize Christ as their savior.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for studying with us.

In Christ,



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