Living the Christian Life

Lesson 11 w/AnswersThe Discipline of Guidance


We continue our Christian Living study of Corporate Disciplines by looking at the Discipline of Guidance, which incorporates our desire and intent to follow after Christ and his teachings. More broadly, it refers to the practice of depending on the teaching and guidance of God’s entire Holy Word. It reflects the desire within us to have our paths made straight and our steps made sure by trusting in the teaching, precepts, and guidance that comes from following Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

Take the time this week to read all of the scriptures listed below and note beside each what they tell you about seeking and following Jesus’ guidance and leadership in your life.

  1. Psalm 91; verse 2 is the keystone to our understanding of the discipline of Guidance and this Psalm as it applies to us.
    1. ANSWER: As our "refuge" and "fortress", we can rely and trust totally on God and His son Jesus to provide for us.
  2. Matthew 8:23-27
    1. ANSWER: Lack of reliance and trust in God’s providence in our lives is an indictment of our lack of faith.
  3. Matthew 25:1-13
    1. ANSWER: Guidance not only refers to trust, but it also incorporates the aspect of watching, waiting, and being prepared and girded to act as we are led by the Holy Spirit.
  4. Matthew 26:47-56
    1. ANSWER: Reliance on guidance from Jesus does NOT include "taking matters into our own hands".
  5. Psalm 19:8
    1. ANSWER: Being obedient to God’s precepts and commands yields joy and understanding in our lives.
  6. Psalm 103:17-18
    1. ANSWER: God’s love is endless for those seek His guidance and obey his law and precepts.
  7. Psalm 111:7
    1. ANSWER: God is faithful and just; His precepts can be trusted implicitly.
  8. Psalm 111:10
    1. ANSWER: Relying on God’s guidance and precepts provides wisdom and understanding.
  9. Psalm 119; if possible, take the time to read all 176 verses, because they are powerful. For purposes of this lesson, read and comment on Psalm 119:15 and 119:27.
    1. ANSWER: Daniel models for us that we should always be seeking to understand and follow God’s precepts.

If we are true followers of Christ, we will continually seek His guidance, and we will desire to follow all that He teaches. There is no question that these teachings will challenge us and will many times fly in the face of man’s logic and wisdom. We must always be careful not to slide into the snare of following after man and his knowledge and faulty wisdom, even though it may look reasonable at the time.

Developing the disciplines of study, prayer, meditation and guidance as ways to know and follow God’s will for our lives is the only way to ensure that we stay on the right path and to walk the kind of Christian walk that followers of Christ should have.

Have a great week everyone, and thanks for studying with us.

In Christ,



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