Living the Christian Life

Lesson 12 w/AnswersThe Discipline of Celebration

We continue our Christian Living study of the Corporate Disciplines by looking at the Discipline of Celebration. It seems more than a little incongruous to think of celebration as a "discipline"; however, the truth of it is that, as followers of Christ, we will naturally have times in our lives when we celebrate all that Christ has done for us—perhaps an answered prayer or unexpected blessing.


Accordingly, the Bible is full of examples of God’s people celebrating and praising Him. From a study of these examples, we can gain insight regarding how to incorporate celebration into our own walk with Christ as well. Quite frankly, sometimes it is difficult for us to celebrate, or think of celebrating, when something difficult or challenging is occurring in our life. And yet, that very struggle or challenge may be exactly what we should be celebrating, as God uses adverse circumstances to grow and mature us in our relationship with Him.

"Hallelujah!" (meaning "Praise God!") How often have we uttered that exclamation in response to something that we have witnessed, or in response to something that God has done in our lives or the lives of others. Perhaps we have not said it often enough.

Let’s have a quick look at some well-known "Hallelujah!" moments in scripture. Jot done what the celebration is all about beside each scripture reference below.

  1. Luke 2:1-20
    1. ANSWER: Celebrating the birth of a savior!
  2. Isaiah 61:10-11
    1. ANSWER: Praise for God’s salvation!
  3. 1 Peter 1:3-9
    1. ANSWER: Praise for the new birth that we have been given through the resurrected Christ!

Now take a look at what some people refer to as the "Praise Psalms", Psalms 146-150, and note specifically what each Psalm is praising God for.

  1. Psalm 146
    1. ANSWER: Praise for God’s power and protection.
  2. Psalm 147
    1. ANSWER: Praise for God’s care and blessings.
  3. Psalm 148
    1. ANSWER: Praise for God’s "awesomeness" and His power over the universe. His glory is reflected in everything He creates, including His chosen people Israel.
  4. Psalm 149
    1. ANSWER: Praise for God’s relationship with His chosen people, and how He protects and cares for them.
  5. Psalm 150
    1. ANSWER: Praise for God’s power over the heavens and His unsurpassed greatness.

In general, we see that the Praise Psalms praise God for His power, His wisdom, His blessings and the liberation that He brought to His chosen people, just as Christ has freed us. Even today, we need to be praising God and His son Jesus for how they watch over us, protect us, and provide for us; and for the eternal home they are preparing for us. What a blessing and a joy to be a follower of Christ! Let’s be sure to praise Him daily and continually as we live the life that He has made possible for each of us.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for studying with us!

In Christ,



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