Lesson 2The Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons)

We continue our study of the cults with The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints (LDS)—the Mormons. In our last study we commented on some of the main points that we will find with most cults and how much of that was evident in the Jehovah’s Witnesses. We saw how the ideas, inspirations, and voluminous writings of two men created a false religion that looks almost true to Christianity. And, as we pointed out in the last lesson, how special revelations, re-written bibles, or augmenting other material, will often carry significantly more authority than the God’s Holy Word. We also noted that "works" play a major role in the Jehovah Witness faith and the sense that one can work their way up different levels and that only a minority privileged few are truly blessed.


Again, in this lesson we’ll see that same model and more, as we study the church founded by Joseph Smith on April 6, 1830. I suspect that as well known as the Mormons are, and as many stories as you may have heard about them, that we might believe we actually understand them and have a solid understanding of their doctrine. But we would all be mistaken unless we’ve either been Mormon, or have actually studied the Book of Mormon and the church’s doctrine. Trust me, what many of you will learn in this lesson will surprise you; I have no doubt of that.

To make that point, below is a list of true/false questions that I’ve written for a previous study. If you have access to the Book of Mormon, or some internet tools, you will find that the answers to the following list of questions will really open your eyes to what the Mormons actually believe, both about the world today and the world to come.

So get your research tools handy, and answer true or false to the following questions. You may want to consider a study help from Rose Publishing, entitled "Christianity and Mormonism Comparison Chart". If you answer false, jot down why you believe it is. I really do think the answers will surprise you.

Mark "True" or "False" beside each of the following, and explain any "False" answer:

  1. The Mormons believe in the King James Version of the Bible.
  2. Joseph Smith made more than 600 "corrections" to the King James Version of the Bible.
  3. The Mormons also believe in the authority of three other Joseph Smith writings or "standard works", the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price.
  4. The most significant doctrine in the LDS Church is found in the book of Mormon written by Joseph Smith.
  5. The Mormons believe that upon His return Christ will join Jim Nabors at the Indianapolis 500 to sing "Back Home Again In Indiana".
  6. The Mormons believe that Jesus will return and set up his millennial reign at Independence Missouri.
  7. The LDS Church states, "Anarchy will bring down the government of the United States. We will put down the uprising and rule from Salt Lake City."
  8. The Book of Mormon is a history of the American Indians who are actually Jews who migrated to America.
  9. Mormon doctrine: Jesus was married.
  10. The LDS Church states, "We admit anyone as members, but prefer people with little or no education."
  11. They believe that through Christ’s blood man is saved, and through faithfulness to church leaders and works man becomes God.
  12. In the Mormon faith a "polygon" is the home of a Mormon man with two or more wives.
  13. LDS believes eternal life is not possible without Mormon membership.
  14. The Mormons do not consume caffeine or attend movies, but they will invest in Coca Cola and motion picture studios.
  15. The Mormon University in Salt Lake City was named after an old Mormon saying "Bring ‘Em Young".
  16. The LDS believe that God has a physical body, is married and has a physical wife.
  17. The LDS will not build a church until they can pay cash for it.
  18. The Mormons don’t attend church, they attend a Ward.
  19. They believe that a workman is worthy of his hire. "We pay our pastors well so that they are not influenced by the evils of the workplace."
  20. The Mormons believe that a long term drought is coming, that this drought will lead to a sever food shortage. This will cause the government to fail; riots over the food shortage will bring down the government. They have weapons and food stored so that they can survive the drought and put down the riots. They will save the country and rule it until Christ returns.
  21. Mormons who are married in the Temple can progress to being a God, but Mormons not married in the Temple will only become angels.
  22. The LDS believe that The Book of Mormon is a volume of Holy Scripture comparable to the Bible.
  23. The LDS believe that aliens mixed with angels at the Tower of Babel and created the American Indian. Moroni is a descendant of one of these Indians.
  24. The LDS believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God and that all who will come unto him and obey the laws and ordinances of his gospel may be saved.
  25. The Mormons teach that chocolate has caffeine in it and should not be eaten.
  26. The Mormon Church is so prosperous only the Roman Catholic Church has more wealth.
  27. They believe the Holy Spirit is a God.
  28. The LDS believe the Arts (Drama, Opera, and Dance), and the Symphony should be avoided.
  29. The Mormons will not eat egg salad, kosher pickles, or ginger snaps.
  30. The LDS believe that Jesus lived in Cleveland until 1923.
  31. The Mormons believe that Jesus appeared in the Western Hemisphere, organized a church and appointed apostles among the American Indians after His resurrection in Palestine.
  32. The Mormons’ focus on family results in support to their own members during hard times when someone has lost a job, through providing, without cost, food, money for house payments, car payments and necessary family activities. No Mormon ever has to go outside for help.
  33. They believe women will become Goddesses on their own planet.
  34. They teach that Christ and Satan are brothers.
  35. They teach that Christ was born because God in his physical body had sex with Mary.
  36. They teach that Jesus is now a God.
  37. The LDS hold that each of the faithful will populate their own planet, that each will be God their own earth.
  38. They teach that God is the God over this planet. That He and two other Gods, Christ and the Holy Spirit were all men first, and then became exalted as Gods.

I apologize for such a lengthy list of questions, not normally my approach, but I’m hoping through this method that you will quickly see how different and radical the Mormon faith is from true Christianity and the challenges we will all face as we seek to witness to them.

I encourage you to remain faithful in this study and to commit to loving, seeking and witnessing to our lost brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends and co-workers, who have followed after such radical false teaching, believing a lie for the truth.

May God fill us with a discerning spirit as we continue our study. In the next lesson, we tackle the Christian Science faith.

In Christ,



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