Lesson 3The Church of Christ, Scientist (Christian Science)

Through our lasts lesson’s study on Mormonism, I hope all of you gained greater insight into the LDS church and its doctrine.


In this lesson, our study of cults continues; and it’s a case of mind over matter, or it’s the mind that matters, or no matter at all. I’m speaking of course of the Church of Christ Scientist—or Christian Scientist as it is also known. With this religion, we will observe a few Biblical truths scattered among the lies, distortions, and complete dependence on mankind’s will and intuition—put forth as a "Christian" religion. Again, human reason and human will packaged as a Christian faith. As you study the questions, and discover the answers to them, our study will bring you face-to-face with the reality around us and why so many people flock to these false teachers and prophets. In doing so, we will once again learn as much about sound Christian doctrine as we do about this other false religion.

So get your research tools handy—you might find the Internet extremely helpful this week—as well as Dr. Martin’s book, "The Kingdom of the Cults", and answer the following questions:

  1. Who founded the Christian Science Church?
  2. Where was it founded and when?
  3. Today, who is the sole authority within the Christian Science Church?
  4. What is their position on the Bible?
  5. What is their teaching on the Trinity?
  6. What do they believe about Jesus?
  7. What is their teaching about God?
  8. What do they teach about the virgin birth of Christ?
  9. What does their doctrine of miracles teach?
  10. Christ’s atoning blood is also an interesting doctrine. What do they teach about sin and the fact that Christ shed his blood for us to blot out that sin?
  11. Jesus’s Death and Resurrection is another doctrine that separates cults from Christianity. What do they teach about this doctrine?
  12. What do they teach about the existence of evil?
  13. How about the nature and existence of Hell, what do they teach?
  14. What do they teach about Salvation?
  15. How do they believe man was created?

At this point, you may be wondering how it is that any clear thinking person can so easily be misled into believing in the false teaching of this cult, and yet many are. If you have the chance this week, visit their web site and see for yourself how well-packaged and logical their teachings appear to the lost. This cult, like so many others appeals to the desires of mankind to be their own gods, to be masters of their own destinies, and to rise above God, just as Satan and his followers aspire to do.

Re-visiting Genesis Chapter 2 and Eve’s encounter with Satan will shed great light on Satan’s ways and man’s inclination toward self fulfillment. The Church of Christ Scientists appeals to that desire by wrapping itself in trappings that make it appeal to a true follower of Christ, when indeed it is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I encourage you to remain faithful in this study and to commit to loving, seeking and witnessing to our lost brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends and co-workers who have followed after such radical false teaching, believing those lies for the truth.

May God fill us with a discerning spirit as we continue our study. In the lessons that follow, we will begin to look at some of the world religions claiming to have the answer and attracting millions of followers. We will kick off this section of our inveestigation with a quick look at Buddhism.

In Christ,



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