My "One Prayer"Discussion

My schedule the past few weeks prevented me from taking part in the “One Prayer” Sunday evening series at my church, Southview. Back when Pastor William first brought the notion of our church's participation in this event to the Elders and explained the concept, it immediately started me thinking and reflecting on what my “One Prayer” would be.


For those not familiar with the question behind “One Prayer”, it is simply this: If we could ask one prayer and know that God would answer it, what would that one prayer be?  I’m sure that during the time of developing the program across the large number of participating churches, many possible prayers arose -- including one that asked God to send Christ back today and end all of the pain, suffering, and struggle we see around us.

However, as I considered that particular prayer, I realized that I would be selfish to ask it, as it would forever prevent the saving of all the lost souls who will come to know Christ between now and His return.   And, in fact, it may be that the very pain, suffering, and struggle I see around me today will be exactly the motivating force creating the opportunity for another of God’s creation to find Him through Jesus.

Approximately three weeks ago I began to sense that for me there was only one prayer I would beg to have God answer; specifically, that everything I do would be pleasing in His sight.  As I continue to reflect on this one prayer, it convicts me in so many ways and causes me to be more reflective and purposeful in everything that I do.

Like Paul I struggle between knowing what to do, while actually doing the opposite.   It seems at times that the harder I try to do “right”, the more I do wrong; and that the harder I try not to be “of the world”, I find myself sliding back into it.   But I can see that at the center of everything we say, think or do, is our motivation, our “character”.   As Chuck Swindoll once said, “character is who you are when no one is watching”.

If I can only have one prayer answered, then, it’s that my motivation and my actions, my character – all that I say or do, will be pleasing to God.  That is my heart’s desire and my one prayer…let me know what yours is, and I’ll pray with you that God will also answer it; as I know He’ll answer mine.

In Christ,


July 10, 2008

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