Missions: 13 Weeks

Week 1 w/answersESOL

Welcome to the beginning of a new study. This quarter rather than study a book of the Bible weíre going to study the work Christ calls us to do and how that work is supported by scripture. Typically referred to as ďbeing on missionĒ weíll look at all the activity that takes place in Godís Kingdom in meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world.


Our first week weíll look at something called ESOL, a ministry that teaches English to people whose native language is something other than English. Our church has initiated an on-site ESOL program here at Southview.

Letís get started!

  1. This week weíll look at missions work as it relates to the aliens living among us. Before we look at the ESOL mission letís look at what Godís Holy Word tells us about how we are to relate and care for the aliens who live among us. Read each of the passages below and note what each tells us about this ministry area:
    1. Exodus 12:48-50
      1. ANSWER: The same laws we live by are to also be applied to the Alien.
    2. Exodus 22:21
      1. ANSWER: Do not mistreat or oppress Aliens.
    3. Leviticus 19:10
      1. ANSWER: Provide for the Alien, do not hoard everything to yourself.
    4. Leviticus 19:33
      1. ANSWER: Do not mistreat Aliens.
    5. Leviticus 19:34
      1. ANSWER: We are to love them as we love ourselves.
    6. Numbers 15:15
      1. ANSWER: We are to have the same rules for them and us, because the we and the alien are the same before the Lord.
    7. Deuteronomy 10:17-20
      1. ANSWER: God loves the alien, giving him food and clothing; we are to love those who are aliens.
  2. What do the letters ESOL stand for?
    1. ANSWER: English for Speakers of Other Languages.
  3. Is ESOL confined to the United States? If not what other geographic regions use ESOL Programs?
    1. ANSWER: Itís taught worldwide in almost every known country.
  4. Are you required to speak the studentís native language in order to teach ESOL?
    1. ANSWER: No, in fact itís normally preferred you do not.
  5. In ESOL students are assigned a level according to their English proficiency. What is the level designation given to a beginning level student?
    1. ANSWER: Level 1.
  6. What is the basic mission of the ESOL Program?
    1. ANSWER: Some representative mission statements:
      1. The mission of the ESOL Program is to provide appropriate, effective English language instruction and to facilitate cultural awareness for English language learners.
      2. The mission is to provide all ESL students with the English-language skills necessary to ensure a level of proficiency required for communication in daily life and for integration into the mainstream.
  7. Clearly ever since God sent Moses back to Egypt on a mission to free the Jews God has been sending His followers on missions of all types. Some to capture lands, others to capture people, and the greatest mission of all the sending of His Son to free the world from sin. Look at these two passages, list the work described in each:
    1. Isaiah 48:10-17
    2. Acts 11:19-30, 12:25

Letís pray this week for this important mission, ESOL and ask the Lord to open our hearts showing us how we can help meet the needs of the aliens who live among us, and in what capacity we can support the mission of ESOL.

As we begin this thirteen week study Iím praying God will open our eyes to the needs around us and the opportunities Heís making available to us to be involved in meeting those needs. Letís commit to being open to service as God calls each of us to new work in His Kingdom.

Yours in Christ,