Missions: 13 Weeks

Week 2 w/answersCBMC

Welcome to our second week of studying about missions and focusing on actual mission related work currently on-going in our neighborhood and around the world. This week will look at an organization called “CBMC: a movement of men.”


Focused on “discipleship”, CBMC is an active and viable ministry reaching men through business and social contacts. Let’s learn more about them by answering the questions below.

I've heard of the USMC, but what exactly is the CBMC?

  1. Look up CBMC.com. What do the letters stand for?
    1. ANSWER: Christian Business Men's Committee
  2. Who is Rick Miller?
    1. ANSWER: He's the National Forum Director. The National Executive Director is Patrick O'Neal.
  3. Where are they headquartered?
    1. ANSWER: Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  4. What is the Vision of CBMC?
    1. ANSWER: "For all Men in our Movement to Experience
      1. The Power of One God
      2. The Value of One Man
      3. The Leverage of One Team
    2. Resulting in Spiritual Reproduction among Businessmen throughout the World."
  5. What is the Mission of CBMC?
    1. ANSWER: "To present Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to business and professional men and to develop Christian business and professional men to carry out the Great Commission."
  6. Read Matthew 28:18-20. Why do these verses apply to CBMC?
    1. ANSWER: The Great Commission - they are responding by discipling men to spread the gospel message.
  7. Read Luke 10:1-3. Why would these verses also apply to CBMC?
    1. ANSWER: Sending out men in teams to do the work of God's Kingdom.
  8. Is the CMBC a national or international organization?
    1. ANSWER: International.
  9. Does CMBC minister to Christian Business Women as well or is that a different organization?
    1. ANSWER: Their international website does say they are ministering to both Christian businessmen and businesswomen.

I want to thank Mike May in advance for meeting with and addressing our local class this coming Sunday, and for Don Collins who’s persistence in getting me to their meetings has resulted in my current knowledge about this fine Christian organization doing the Lord’s work in the workplace.

Let’s pray that Christ will reach someone in the coming days as a result of our study and the work of CBMC in our area and around the globe.

In Christ,