Missions: 13 Weeks

Week 3World Vision

This week our emphasis will be on learning more about the work of World Vision. At Southview this week were fortunate enough to actually have Jason Benefield, who studies with us each week, to introduce us to this great organization with an awesome mission. Jason was kind enough to send ahead a color presentation hell be using on Sunday and when I saw it just reading through it impacted me as I know it will you as it really captures the heart of the ministry at World Vision.


So, unlike prior weeks where I lead into the study with numerous questions aimed at getting you acquainted with a specific ministry or mission work, this week Ill attach his PDF'd PowerPoint presentation instead, and your study assignment this week is to read through it and acquaint yourself with the work and mission of World Vision.

It is a 1.2-Mbyte file, so it may take a little while to download and open, depending on your internet connection. Alternatively, you may want to right-click on the link below, save the file to your desktop, and open it locally.

Click on the presentation link below to begin.

  1. Presentation: World Vision

God has been blessing us these past few weeks with an awesome look into all of the ways in which Hes at work around world and around the corner, my prayer is that you are being blessed and encouraged to get involved in that work, in whatever way God may lead you.

Have a great week everyone, and thanks to Jason for his commitment to this mission and to the class this week.

In Christ,


[PDF Version]