Missions: 13 Weeks

Week 7CrossLink International

Welcome to our seventh week of studying about missions and focusing on the mission-related work currently on-going in our neighborhood and around the world. This week we’ll look at an organization called "CrossLink International".


CrossLink is a faith-based, international humanitarian aid ministry. They provide medical supplies of all types to mission teams who staff hospitals and clinics in under-developed countries. These teams minister to the sick and injured in the name of Jesus Christ but serve in the community regardless of religion.

Their website is located at http://www.crosslinkinternational.net.

Based on your findings at the CrossLink International web site, answer the following:

  1. How long has CrossLink been around, and how did it get started?
  2. Where is CrossLink headquartered?
  3. What are some of CrossLink's accomplishments since it was founded?
  4. How is CrossLink funded?
  5. What are four specific financial ways for you or your organization to become a "link" in CrossLink's supply chain of healing and hope?
  6. What are five non-financial volunteer ways for people to personally get involved in Crosslink?
  7. What is CrossLink's "tagline"?
  8. What other organizations is CrossLink affiliated with?

In addition to the general needs identified above, CrossLink, on its web site, also provides lists that identify urgently needed durable goods for clinics and disposable medical supplies.

It's encouraging to know that a local organization like CrossLink is following God’s commands to care for the sick, especially victims of war and natural disasters around the world.

In Christ,


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