End Times: Back to the Future

Lesson 18Revelation 16

In this lesson we will examine the final seven judgments and prepare to study the fall of the two Babylons.

End Times

As we approach the climax of the Book of Revelation and the impending return of Christ, we now turn our studies to the most horrendous events ever unleashed on the earth and mankind, known as the seven vial judgments and the fall of Mystery Babylon.

Questions for Revelation Chapter 16

  1. It has taken 15 chapters to describe the end-time events through the seven seal and seven trumpet judgments. How much further do we have to read in order to see the last seven judgments revealed? (see Rev. 16:17)
  2. What can we discern from this observation?
  3. Who are the last judgments brought on? (see Rev. 16:2 for an example)
  4. How do the verses in Revelation 16:2-12 compare with those in Revelation 6:2-8 and Revelation 14:20?
  5. Read Chapter 16, and list the 7 plague judgments by the verse(s) below:
    1. Revelation 16:2
    1. Revelation 16:3
    1. Revelation 16:4
    1. Revelation 16:8
    1. Revelation 16:10
    1. Revelation 16:12
    1. Revelation 16:19-21
  6. Who is being judged in Revelation 16:4? (see also Revelation 16:6)
  7. Read Revelation 16:12. What other times in biblical history has God done something similar to the event described in this verse? (see Exodus 14:16 and Joshua 3:14-17)
  8. Can you find an "unholy trinity" in Revelation 16:13? What are they and whom do they represent?
  9. What do the events described in Revelation 16:17 signify?
  10. Several different events are recounted in Revelation 16:19-21. To help us better understand them, look up the following references. What do they tell us regarding the meaning of the symbol "isles", and what is being pictured in these verses? See Genesis 10:5, Isaiah 13:22, Isaiah 20:6, Isaiah 23:6, Isaiah 40:15, and Isaiah 51:5.
  11. In Revelation 16:19, there is a reference to the "great city". What city is this? (see also Revelation 14:8)

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