End Times: Back to the Future

Lesson 19Revelation Chapters 17 and 18

In this lesson, we will look at "Babylon" and its complete destruction.

End Times

So, who is this "Mystery Babylon" and why are two chapters of Revelation devoted to it? We will proceed to answer these questions in the course of our study of these chapters. Before we begin our study, I would ask that you look up some facts on "Babylon", i.e., Where did it originate? What did it stand for? Knowing these things will help us shape a better understanding of these passages.

Read Isaiah Chapters 13-14 and Revelation Chapters 17-18, and consider the following questions:

  1. Reading Isaiah Chapters 13-14 before we examine Revelation Chapters 17-18 will help us to better understand the passages in Revelation. Also, it will enable us to more clearly see that God indeed has always had a specific plan. Chapters 17 and 18 of Revelation demonstrate the culmination of that plan. Read Isaiah Chapter 13:1-11 and all of Chapter 14; they will help us answer the questions below.
    1. What is Satan’s plan, according to this text?
    2. What is God’s plan, according to the same text?
  2. Now read Revelation Chapters 17 and 18. These chapters cover the judgment and destruction of Babylon as a world religion and dominant world ruler, and as a symbol of worldwide economic influence, a one world economy. In Chapter 17, Babylon is identified as the one-world false religion that the false prophet will oversee. It will be supported by the first beast, the Antichrist. In Revelation 17:1, this false religion is called the "Great Whore" or "Prostitute". Can you determine what the phrase "many waters" represents or symbolizes? (see Rev. 17:15)
  3. "Babylon the Great". Where did Babylon originate from, and what was its primary intention? (See Gen. 10:10-11 and Gen. 11:1-9)
  4. In Revelation 17:9, what do the seven mountains refer to?
  5. What is being described in Revelation 17:11? What is this verse referring to? How can something or someone be the "eighth", but also "belong to the seven"?
  6. In Revelation 17:12, what do the ten horns refer to? Can you think of some examples? Read Daniel 7:15-28, then comment on what these ten horns represent.
  7. As you reflect on Revelation Chapter 17, do you believe that this chapter refers to (a) one-world rule, authority and false religion; or (b) a one-world economy?
  8. Revelation Chapter 18 covers Babylon’s judgment, with a focus is on its lifestyle. In this chapter, the focus is on Babylon as nexus of the one-world economy. Read Revelation Chapter 18, and as you do, list below every verse that refers to merchants, merchandise, and lifestyle. (There are at least twelve that I found.)

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