End Times: Back to the Future

Lesson 4AOld Testament End Times Review

End Times

As we prepare to begin our study of New Testament passages on the End Times, starting in Matthew and then moving to Revelation, I thought that it would be useful to have a quick review of what we have learned so far through our study of the Old Testament End Time passages that we have read.

Below, see if you can match the question with the proper response from the list of responses at the bottom of the page:

  1. One sign that Christ's return is imminent: ____________
  2. Following the Tribulation Period, the __________will be restored.
  3. During the Millennium Kingdom, ____________ will be King of Israel.
  4. During the Millennium reign of Christ Jerusalem will have a new name, it will be called__________.
  5. During the Tribulation Period Daniel tells us the "Little Horn" will uproot three horns of the ten horn confederacy. The "Little Horn" is referring to __________.
  6. Time, times, and a half time equals ___________days.
  7. There are __________days in a prophetic month.
  8. The "70th Week" represents the __________.
  9. God calls Israel "__________"
  10. When Israel sees Christ for the first time, they will __________.
  11. The day Christ physically returns great geological things will happen to Israel and Jerusalem that cause dramatic changes and Israel will flourish like never before. In addition the world will know that this is really Christ returning because __________.
  12. Christ will set up His earthly kingdom, defeat all of Israel's enemies, cause Egypt to be desolate and uninhabited by man or animal for forty years, and He rule the entire world from his headquarters in Jerusalem with God in the Temple. During this time Christ will rule with "__________".


  1. The Antichrist
  2. A rod of iron
  3. The apple of his eye
  4. 30
  5. There will be no distinction between day and night; light will be the same around the clock.
  6. Mourn, grieve, and be weeping greatly
  7. 1,260
  8. The Tribulation Period
  9. The Man of Lawlessness is revealed
  10. The LORD is there
  11. Nation of Israel
  12. David

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