End Times: Back to the Future

Lesson 8Revelation Chapters 4 and 5

During our study in this lesson, we will begin to see "the things to come" revealed to us; as Christ carries John to heaven to see the Throne Room of God and all that will happen. What a breathtaking sight for John to see! Paul wrote that he had also seen heaven and what he saw was so incredible that he could not describe it; but he definitely wanted to be there.

End Times

God will show us, through His son Jesus, what is to come following the end of the current Age of Grace. During this process, we will see all of the unfulfilled prophecy come to fulfillment, and much of what we have studied leading up to this book will fall into place. So let’s continue our study by looking at the Throne Room of God, the Lamb of God, and the Seven-Sealed Scroll of God.

Read Revelation Chapters 4 and 5, and answer the associated questions below:

  1. Beginning with verse 1 of Chapter 4 and following, when will the things that John is shown from here on occur? (see Rev. 4:1)
  2. Who is actually speaking to John? (refer back to Rev. 1:12-18)
  3. Where is John when these things are shown to him? (see Rev. 4:2)
  4. Now read Hebrews 4:14-16, 8:1-2. Contrast these passages with Revelation Chapters 4 and 5. Can you see any differences between the activities around the Throne and the role Christ plays in these passages versus the activities described in Revelation 4 and 5? What are they?
  5. As we learned from our Lesson 6A supplemental study of prophetic numbers, the number 12 symbolizes God’s perfect way of administration. Can you determine from this what the twenty-four elders might represent? (see Rev. 4:4)
  6. In Revelation 4:5, we again see the phrase "the seven spirits of God" (we saw this earlier in Revelation 1:4). This verse also describes burning (or "blazing") lamps, indicating that they have oil — oil representing the presence of the Holy Spirit (like the parable of the virgins, some of whose lamps had oil, and some of whose lamps did not). Since we know that here is only ONE Holy Spirit, the "seven spirits of God" can be interpreted to symbolize the completeness of the Holy Spirit. Are we somehow able to determine the significance of the "seven" in terms of making the picture complete? Let’s examine the verses below and list the things that we can infer regarding "the seven spirits of God" as they relate to the Holy Spirit.
    1. Revelation 5:6
    2. Isaiah 11:2
    3. John 8:12
    4. John 14:6,9
    5. Exodus 25:37, 27:20-21
    6. Numbers 8:1-4
  7. How many seals were used to seal the scroll described in Revelation 5:1? What does this symbolize?
  8. Read Isaiah 11:1,10 and Revelation 5:5. Who are these verses talking about?
  9. Read Revelation 5:6. We learned earlier that horns symbolize power, and that the number seven represents completeness. Based on this interpretation, can you infer what the seven horns and seven eyes symbolize with respect to the Lamb of God?
  10. Referring to Revelation 5:12, list the things the Lamb receives. Specifically how many things does He receive?

So, in summary, John has now been taken into heaven to see " what must take place after this". Many things are "revealed" in the book of Revelation, the first of which was Christ revealed as standing in the center of the Church. Now, He is revealed as standing at the Throne of God; the only One found worthy to unseal the judgments of God in order to finally and completely redeem God’s creation and mankind for eternity.

What a vision John provides us of the throne room of God, with the Church and Israel worshipping him, and all of creation, including the saved who are following them in worship, as God releases Jesus to redeem the earth through these final judgments.

In the chapters ahead and in our next lesson, even more will be revealed; as God shows us the specific judgments that are about to come upon the earth, and upon Satan himself.

Have a great week everyone!

In Christ,



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