Blog – February 8, 2009

Construction Going UpDiscussion

It’s exciting seeing all that God is doing at Southview. Looking ahead at 2009, I am filled with a great sense of anticipation. Even in these early days of the year I can see God’s hand at work: Our finances are excellent, a new staff member is being added, worship has been awesome, there are new visitors every week, new tv monitors and other equipment are visible everywhere, and so on. Brick by brick, God is building on the foundation laid by Christ, and a new and exciting church is rising up before our eyes.


As I consider all of this, my sense of excitement and anticipation with respect to what God is doing is almost beyond words. What will He lay in next, as the walls and windows go in? How big will it be? Who will come? What ministries will be available? How far and how wide will its ministries and people reach? And then I am struck by a profound truth from a single verse: "Those who wait for the Lord Will gain new strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not become weary." How exciting it is to see the Lord at work! As the framework of what God is putting in place takes shape, we will need patience until He completes the construction. Let’s pray that we will have the courage and the wisdom to wait on Him, so that He may complete His perfect work in us.

Waiting with you in Christ,


February 8, 2009

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