2 Samuel (& 1 Chronicles)

This lesson study encompasses the books of 2 Samuel and some of 1 Chronicles, both of which start with the death of Saul and the beginning of Davidís reign. The focus of our study will be to examine the life of David from the time he became king, first over the tribe of Judah (eight years), and then over the united nation of Israel (32 years). There is much that each of us can learn from both of these exciting books.

Before we begin our study, a brief overview of the immediate history leading up to the beginning of these events is in order. You will remember that at the end of the period called the Judges, shortly after the death of Samson, the people wanted a King Ė something God did not want them to do. When they continued pleading he sent his first Prophet, Samuel, to anoint a king, and the people chose Saul because (a) he looked like a king, (b) he looked like someone who would be victorious in battle, and (c) he looked like a leader.

As is always the case when we chose leaders based on looks or emotion, without asking God to choose one for us, Saul turned out to be the wrong choice. He turned his back on God, sought out other spirits, sacrificed at the altar even though he was not a Priest, and became insanely jealous of David, Godís anointed King. The Book of 1 Samuel will provide you with some very interesting stories Ė better than a soap opera, should you have the time to read them, about the early days of David and the many exploits of Saul as king.

But this is not the whole story, you see, because on top of the poor leader they had picked out, the Jews also had a corrupted worship problem as well; so this, combined with a bad king, became a recipe for total disaster. Not only will they lose Saul, but they will also lose the Ark of the Covenant, and it will be placed on Davidís shoulders to restore order in the land, and to restore the Ark. Later he will also be instrumental in the planning for building the first Temple Ė a task undertaken by his son Solomon after Davidís death.


Lesson 1
2 Samuel 1:1-7 and 1 Chronicles 10:1-12

Lesson 2
2 Samuel 2:8 - 4:12

Lesson 3
2 Samuel 5 & 1 Chronicles 11

Lesson 4
2 Samuel 6-7 & 1 Chronicles 13

Lesson 5
2 Samuel 8-10 & 1 Chronicles 18

Lesson 6
2 Samuel 11-12

Lesson 7
2 Samuel 13
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