Lesson 9Daniel 9


In this lesson, we continue our examination of Daniel’s visions and God’s prophecies regarding the end of the "time of the Gentiles", the return of Christ, and the establishment of His millennial reign. Having studied the four beasts, the Anti-Christ, and the kingdom that will be in place when Christ returns, we now turn our attention to the timing of these events.

Read Daniel 9:1-27; then consider the following:

  1. In Daniel 9:2, Daniel states that he knew that the desolation of Jerusalem would last seventy years. How did he know this, and what was his reference?
  2. What does Jeremiah 25:11-12 say will happen to Babylon at the end of the 70 years? Did this in fact happen?
  3. Based on the accounts found in Isaiah 13:1-22 and Revelation 18:1-24, what do many people believe will happen to Babylon between now and when Christ returns?
  4. Read Jeremiah 29:10-14. While Jeremiah 25:11-12 spoke of the destruction of Babylon that would occur in "seventy years", what does Jeremiah 29:10-14 refer to, and over what period of time?
  5. Review Daniel 9:24-27 and list the six things that were decreed for Daniel’s people and the city of Jerusalem during the "seventy ‘sevens’" (or seventy seven-year periods).
  6. For review, how many days are in a prophetic year? (see Daniel 7:25, 12:7, Revelation 11:2-3, 12:6-7,14, and 13:5)
  7. Using a prophetic year as a measure, we can set the date of the beginning of the "seventy ‘sevens’" (i.e., 70 "prophetic weeks" or seven-year periods, also equal to 490 years) at 444 BC. This which would therefore place the first sixty-nine "weeks", or 483 years, at the time of Christ’s death on the cross (AD 33). Furthermore, the first sixty-nine "weeks" are comprised of an initial seven "weeks", followed by sixty-two more. Correspondingly, what does the phrase "the Anointed One will be cut off" refer to, with respect to the end of Week 69?
  8. Write a brief interpretation of Daniel 9:27.

In the next lesson we will explore Daniel’s prophecies concerning the Anti-Christ and his rule, which will lead up to the return of Christ and the establishment of His eternal kingdom. While end-time prophecy may be difficult for us to completely understand, and much may need to be taken on faith, it does provide us with the knowledge that God has an eternal plan—and in that plan, all of the followers of Christ will be resurrected to serve with Him, spending an eternity in the presence of God in a completely new and wonderful place that could easily be called "heaven on earth".

Have a great week everyone, and thanks again for studying with us.

In Christ,



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