The book of beginnings, Genesis, is the foundation for all that is in the Bible. It is God telling us how everything came about and revealing for the first time his eternal plan for us through his only son Jesus. We are introduced to the Trinity, God the father, Jesus our Savior, and the Holy Spirit our teacher, as well as our adversary - Satan. The book is foundational in that if you don’t believe or accept Genesis 1:1, then all of scripture must simply be fiction written by man.

My approach to this study is unlike anything that I have previously done with respect to Genesis. I have incorporated everything that I have learned through years of study—and especially my dissertation research which led to earning a PhD in Archaeology and Biblical History. My dissertation focused on establishing the reality of Abraham as an actual, physical, person who interacted with God during the Middle Bronze Age. This study is the direct result of spending long hours over nine years reading, researching, and re-reading the book of Genesis. Additionally, the study also incorporates my experience traveling throughout the Holy Land—including Jordan—multiple times, both as a tour member and as a guide. Furthermore, my experiences excavating Tall el-Hammam, the site of biblical Sodom, are reflected in the lesson materials.

My approach to this study integrates years of PhD research, physical travel, and excavation, as well as on-going research at Veritas University, Trinity Southwest, on the destruction of Sodom. I have endeavored to provide information regarding life in the Middle Bronze Age that will help set the context for much of the book of Genesis, as well as to provide insight into the world of biblical criticism, and why the current and ongoing excavations at Tall el-Hammam are so important as Bible critics are challenged with real, hard, evidence.


Lesson 1
Introduction Part 1
    Lesson 1 Answers

Lesson 2
Introduction Part 2
    Lesson 2 Answers

Lesson 3
Before The Beginning Part 1
    Lesson 3 Answers

Lesson 4
Before The Beginning Part 2 — Our Eternal Home
    Lesson 4 Answers

Lesson 5
The Seven Days of Creation Part One — Days One Through Five
    Lesson 5 Answers

Lesson 6
The Seven Days of Creation Part Two — Day Six
    Lesson 6 Answers

Lesson 7
Mankind’s Purpose: Why Did Christ Create Us?
    Lesson 7 Answers

Lesson 8
"Let us make mankind in our image"
    Lesson 8 Answers

Lesson 9
Living in The Garden
    Lesson 9 Answers

Lesson 10
The Fall of Man Part 1
    Lesson 10 Answers

Lesson 11
The Fall of Man Part 2
    Lesson 11 Answers

Lesson 12
Ruling Over Sin, The Story of Cain and Abel Part 1
    Lesson 12 Answers

Lesson 13
Ruling Over Sin, The Story of Cain and Abel Part 2
    Lesson 13 Answers

Lesson 14
Chronology and Ancestry
    Lesson 14 Answers

Lesson 15
The Beginning of the End of the Beginning
    Lesson 15 Answers

Lesson 16
The Flood Part 1: Noah and The Ark, Genesis 6:9-22
    Lesson 16 Answers

Lesson 17
The Flood Part 2: The Survivors
    Lesson 17 Answers

Lesson 18
Sin and The New World, Genesis 9:1-28
    Lesson 18 Answers

Lesson 19
Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and The Table of Nations; Genesis 10
    Lesson 19 Answers

Lesson 20
The Tower of Babel, Genesis 11:1-9
    Lesson 20 Answers

Lesson 21
Before the Call of Abraham Part 1
    Lesson 21 Answers

Lesson 22
Before the Call of Abraham Part 2
    Lesson 22 Answers

Lesson 23
The Call of Abraham
    Lesson 23 Answers

Lesson 24
Abram in Canaan
    Lesson 24 Answers

Lesson 25
Abram in Egypt
    Lesson 25 Answers
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